June blogosphere survey of Indian blogs

We are pleased to announce the results of June Indian Blogosphere Survey, 2011.

Out of over 5,000 blogs that we screened, we ended up with 97 outstanding blogs. These have been ranked as platinum (14), gold (17) and excellent (66) blogs. Congratulations to the bloggers whose blogs have been ranked by us or figure in the ‘Best Indian Blog Directory’!

As in February blogosphere survey, we made teams and feverishly looked at over five thousand Indian blogs. Out of them, about a thousand blogs met our mathematical screening criteria. We put them into the process of close scrutiny and came out with a list of about 200 blogs.

As before, our main criterion has been quality of content, followed by design and regularity of posting. We particularly observed quality of language, selection of subject, effort made by the blogger, consistency, display and readability, supplementation of text with graphics, placing of elements, cleanliness [vis-a-vis clutter] and overall visual appeal. Individual commitment and effort got special treatment when we finally sat together to manually screen the top blogs for final categorisation. Popularity was no criterion at all in our ranking.

In June Indian Blogosphere Survey, we have categorised our best blogs into platinum, gold and excellent blog categories. We did not want silver ranking, as we realised that calling a blog a silver blog branded the blog as inferior to gold blog rather than highlighting that the blog is one of the best blogs in our opinion.

For further details on our shortlisting procedure, please see our next post on June blogosphere survey.

The June blogosphere survey is independent of February blog survey and some blogs have slipped in their ranking and a few have gone out altogether. Therefore, we have changed the ‘Indian Top Blog’ icon by adding 2011 alongside the earlier icon to make it specific for this year.

As we announced earlier, a ‘Best Indian Blog Directory’ is also under creation. If your blog is listed in the directory, you can put an icon for that in your blog. We’ll put that icon here on IndianTopBlogs once we release the directory.

A few words about the blog directory. The blogs that met our basic filtering criteria and were selected in our first round of manual examination were all good blogs and some of them were at par with the best in one or the other parameter. We have included all such blogs in the best Indian blog directory. We are open to expanding this directory as and when we come across good blogs, without waiting for the next big blogosphere survey. With the publication of this dynamic directory, we are closing the ‘spotted!’ listing of blogs.

Though we do not hanker after publicity, we would request you to spread a word regarding our rankings if you find our effort worth it. It will help us get more blog submissions for ranking and possibly more feedback for improving the ranking. Do submit good blogs known to you by emailing us at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

If your blog did not find a rank in our June Indian Blogosphere Survey and you feel your blog is better than those ranked by us, do write to us. We will consider all such inputs in the next survey.

Two, if you want your blog to be reviewed in detail by us, do write to us. We have given the details about submitting blogs for review here. Do submit only one blog at a time. We may take some time in reviewing your blog as we have to clear a huge backlog.

Happy blogging!