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List of top Indian blogs (the Directory of Best Indian Blogs): its 14th edition is out today!

 We are delighted to release the 14th annual edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. As you would know, this listing of top English blogs in India is curated manually, based on quality of content, regularity and overall contribution to knowledge on the web. We have been publishing the Directory every year, without fail, since 2010. A blog, essentially, is a diary of regularly generated content. Starting with being a regularly updated collection of individual ruminations and information, it has evolved so much that almost everything that gets published on the web is casually called a 'blog'. We have discussed the evolution of blogging in other posts, and, therefore, would keep our current observations relevant to the present list of top Indian blogs. One big constraint with us has been to know the regularity of updation of a website/ blog. While most bloggers have an archive gadget on the blog itself, some have a way to let the visitors know how old a particular post is a

Next edition of Indian Top Blogs directory to come out on 15 July

 The next edition (14th) of the directory of best Indian blogs will be released on 15th July.  The inclusion of a blog in the directory is completely free and merit-based. This earlier post tells about the blog selection criteria:  submit blog for Indian blog directory If you know of a good blog on India or by an Indian, kindly share that with us at this email address:  Directory of Best Indian Blogs