India's best fashion and beauty blogs in 2017

Fashion and beauty blogs have been popular in the western countries for some years and they earn good money through affiliate and display ads, guest posts, product reviews etc. India has lagged behind, not primarily because of lethargy or lack of imagination on the part of bloggers but primarily due to lack of market. 

Things are changing, and they are changing fast, and a number of good blogs in this niche have come up and some of them are reported to be flourishing. 

fashion and beauty blogging

ITB has a detailed post on beauty and fashion blogging, which looks relevant when you look at these blogs for information, tip or just inspiration.

This list is culled out from the Directory of Best Indian Blogs and has further been updated. This list may have omitted some 'lifestyle' blogs that have fashion or beauty as one of many sections but not enough resources on beauty and fashion niches.

akanksharedhu - Akanksha Redhu
bbeautilicious - Be Beautilicious
beautyandfashionfreaks - Beauty and Fashion Freaks
bhushavali - Fashion Panache
cherryontopblog - Cherry On Top
corallista - Corallista
cosmetopiadigest - Cosmetopia Digest
cosmochics - Cosmochic - Curious Components
fashion-bombay - Fashion Bombay
ftlofaot - for the love of fashion and other things
giasaysthat - Gia says that
guiltybytes - Guilty Bytes
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
jhallidiva - Jhalli Diva
missstylefiesta - Miss Style Fiesta
newlove-makeup - New Love - Makeup
peachesandblush - Peaches & Blush
pinkandpink - Pink and Pink
purushu - Purushu Arie
stylishbynature - Stylish by Nature
tanvii - tanvii
thatbohogirlindex - That Boho Girl
thefashionflite - The Fashion Flite
thegirlatfirstavenue - The Girl At First Avenue
theindianbeauty - the Indian Beauty blog
thesnobjournal - The Snob Journal
vanitynoapologies - vna

Blogging report 2017: better content, well promoted, more professional...

This post is on a study by Orbit Media on the state of blogosphere in 2017 in terms of use of blogging. They have based their findings on the basis of responses from 1377 blogger to 11 questions. Summary of findings:

1. Bloggers now take more time in composing blog posts than before.

The time spent on creating a blog post has been found to be increasing over years since 2014. Now a blogger spends 3 hours 20 minutes on an average in creating a post. In addition, the number of bloggers who spend over 6 hours in composing a post has more than trebled over the last four years and they have said, they get 'strong results' by posting big!

2.  Most bloggers post weekly or around that, and the overall frequency has gone down.

But it is not that the drop in frequency gets good results even when the content is big. Frequency matters in getting good results, bloggers report.

3. More bloggers are using editing support than before.

4. The size of blog posts now averages 1142 words as compared to 808 in 2014. 

Moreover, the number of bloggers writing more than 2000 words has risen very sharply though half still write below 500 words, and those who write big posts say, they get 'strong results'.

5. Bloggers are now using more visual content. 

Those using multiple images per post and using audio have reported to be getting 'strong results'!

6. Guest posting is still popular.

7. Most bloggers (over half of those surveyed) update their old posts, at least some times.

8. Bloggers are more into promotion, especially paid promotions.

Use of social media comes on top when it comes to promoting blogs. Bloggers' attention is rising to use of SEO, paid promotions and reaching out to influencers.

It is found that the less popular ways of promotion, which also need hard work, give the best results (other than paid services). In decreasing levels of effectiveness, these are: influencer outreach > paid promotions > email marketing > SEO > social media.

9. Most bloggers use analytics and refer to it regularly.

10. Blogging is giving results, and better!

One in three responders says, 'the blog delivers strong marketing results' and another half of those surveyed say, 'blog delivers positive results'.

ITB view:
blogging tips
Blogging has become much more professional!

We have been observing, and we've shared it many times before, that the face of blogging has changed greatly from maintaining a web diary and social networking to professional blogging. More and more bloggers are now taking blogging as part-time or full-time vocation. They write more wholesome content and use media to aid it. They use professional tools such as analytics and SEO techniques. They are making investments into it when required, for example hiring content editors, buying themes, optimizing blog for search and paying for promotions. This study once again proves our point.

You can visit here the Orbit Media blog post.

Best Indian literary blogs in English in 2017

Indian English blogging is undergoing a sort of transformation. New, especially young, bloggers now create professional blogs as they no longer need blogging for their personal social media needs. Personal shares and networking are done on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks, not on blogs.

People who are active in literature - both as readers and writers - mostly open blogs for satisfying their literary urge. Till some years back, literary blogging in India was limited to sharing one's own writings/ musings and about good books one had read. Then came authors who opened blogs to promote their books, and readers learned to use blogging for reviewing books on payment. Now many literary agencies and book publishers have opened blogs as part of their portals to share updates. Many bloggers  have created a blog to just express themselves through poetry and fiction. For published authors and those who want to take up literature/ writing as career, this works beautifully as extension of their literary life. 
The literature niche of Indian blogging is not as rich and engaging in English as in local languages, mostly because English is not the mother tongue of over 95% of Indians and they can express themselves much better in Indian languages. Some years back, we found that the professional/ earning segment of Indian literary blogging is even smaller because Indian bloggers were unable to monetize their content for two reasons: (i) digital transactions were not yet as prevalent as in the more developed societies, (ii) not many Indians regularly read English literature, and (iii) Indian web surfers were miserly when it came to paying for content. However, things have been changing fast: many more young people are now buying books and using e-readers to read digital books.

topmost 2 dozen literary blogs in India

We have taken out the topmost blogs out of ITB Blog Directory for 2017; we then did a lot of web search and found a few more excellent literary blogs. We present these best Indian literary blogs in English. We might have missed one or two. If you have seen such fine blogs, please tell us and we'll include them here.

ajaykontham - The Shaded Shadows
anieshabrahma - Aniesha's Musings
anureviews - Anu Reviews

artofleo - I Rhyme Without Reason

bookgeeks - bookGeeks
ddsreviews - b00k r3vi3ws
fatema - Life As Freya
geetaavij - Fabric of Life
inderpreetuppal - Inderpreet's Eloquent Articulation
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
kaapitimes - Hot Cup of Kaapi

knownturf - Known Turf 
literarism - Literarism
meotherwise - Me Otherwise
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
privytrifles - Reviews & Musings….

saffrontree - Saffron Tree
saurabhchawla - Saurabh's Lounge
shanayatales - Shanaya Tales
shoooonya - …shoooonya…
soumya-hintofme - LOL: Life Of Leo
sundarivenkatraman - Flaming Sun
tabularasabookblog - Tabula Rasa
the-long-walk-home - The Long Walk Home
thereaderscosmos - The Readers Cosmos

theshimsybookworm - The Whimsy Bookworm
uspandey - One Grain Amongst the Storm

vishytheknight - Vishy's Blog

Releasing the 2017 edition of Best Hindi Blog' Directory

The latest edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs is before you. The Directory of 2017 has about 140 blogs that we found to be the best among those we have examined over months. And, as you'd know, we try to locate good blogs from the entire Hindi blogging scene.

We'd talk about our observations on the Hindi blog-world sometime later. Right now, let's repeat what we have been saying about the Directory on earlier occasions: All blogs in the Hindi blog directory are outstanding in their own ways. If you find some blogs not that good in terms of design, they must be good in terms of content, overall resources and the blogger's commitment to blogging.

This year onward, we are dispensing with the badge as we find the badge also on blogs that were never in the Directory or that have been in the Directory earlier but have turned bad now. [update: On demand from many blogger friends, we have re-introduced the badge in 2018!]

We are proud to announce that we are the ONLY people who survey the Hindi blogging world so carefully, manually, year after year. We are also the only people who do not bring extraneous factors such as registration, fee, use of badge or any type of reciprocation in selecting blogs for the Directory.

topmost  in 2017Hindi blogs

हमें आपके सामने हिंदी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लॉग्स की डायरेक्टरी पेश करते हुए बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही है. इसमें क़रीब 140 ब्लॉग हैं जो हिंदी के सर्वोत्तम ब्लॉग कहे जा सकते हैं. जैसा कि आप जानते होंगे, हम कई महीनों तक हिंदी के ब्लॉग संसार के कोने कोने में जाकर अच्छे ब्लॉगों को ढूँढने का प्रयास करते हैं और यह डायरेक्टरी उसी का परिणाम है. 

हमें इस बात पर गर्व है कि केवल हम ही हिंदी ब्लॉग-संसार को इस तरह साल-दर-साल काफ़ी मेहनत से खंगालते हैं और बिना बाहरी कारकों के प्रभाव में (जैसे कि ज़रूरी रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाना, बैज लगाने की शर्त लगाना, पैसे लेना), हम अच्छे ब्लॉगों को डायरेक्टरी में स्थान देते हैं. 

डायरेक्टरी के संकलन के दौरान हमने क्या पाया, इसपर चर्चा बाद में कभी होगी. अभी केवल अपनी इस बात को दुहरा दें कि इस डायरेक्टरी का हर ब्लॉग अपने आप में एक उत्कृष्ट ब्लॉग है. अगर आपको किसी ब्लॉग का डिज़ाइन कुछ कमतर लगे तो भी पठन सामग्री की गुणवत्ता और इसका समग्र आकार, तथा ब्लॉगिंग के प्रति ब्लॉगर के समर्पण के मामले में आप उस ब्लॉग को उच्च कोटि का पाएंगे.

India's best art, craft and decor blogs

Art and craft blogs by Indians are hard to come by, nor are there more than a couple cartoon blogs. Many artists or art lovers create a blog but either leave them mid-way or become very irregular. Only a few are worth mentioning and we bring them to you here.

Art, craft, decor blogs: a collage / courtesy: Pixabay

(Blogs are arranged alphabetically.)
artbyaarohiblog - art by arohi
A professionally maintained art blog by Aarohi Singh, a painter who has mastery over many mediums.

arun-bohemianwanderer - Bohemian Wanderer
A cartoon blog by Arun Ramkumar, with over a thousand comic art resources.

cardsandschoolprojects - Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects 
As the name suggests, the blog is devoted to crafts for/ by children. Sonia SV has been maintaining the blog for the last 7 years.

designdecoranddisha - Design Décor and Disha
Disha Mishra Dubey writes on art and craft but her focus in the blog is on home decor with an Indian touch.  

indiandiy - The Indian DIY & Woodworker
You don't find many DIY and wood work blogs by Indians. Out of those shortlisted by us, we didn't find anyone matching this blog by Indranil. 

jayesh-sivan - Jayesh Sivan - Illustrations
Illustrator and designer Jayesh Sivan, the man behind the blog, has the talent to make live stories out of his illustrations.

komalinunna - Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen
Food blog in this collection? Yes, Komali Nunna's blog has good sprinkling of tablescaping, flower arrangement and garden layouts. 

plumage - Plumage
Uma Nair, an art critique and curator, maintains this blog on TOI platform. She has been writing on art for the last 29 years!

ranjanascraftblog - Ranjana's Craft Blog
You talk about an Indian craft, especially from ladies' perspective, and it is here! Ranjana Shankar writes on a range of subjects that include clay art, crochet, jewellery, painting and quilt making. 

sahisridhar - Rythmica
Sahithya Sridhar's blog talks about many lifestyle topics, and is especially rich in DIY ideas and art. 

thekeybunch - The Key Bunch
A professionally managed decor blog by Sharon, it has very refreshing ideas about sprucing up homes. 

There are some other good blogs on art and decor but we are missing action in them of late, so have not included them in this list. 

If you come across some fantastic blog on art, do let us know - we'd like to add our little muscle to promote them.

India's best current affairs and political discussion blogs

India has a fine tradition of discussing things out, though in recent times a trend to thrash out conflicting views with brute force is seen in society as well as among the intelligentsia.

On the social media, the majority of people behave like crowd. In most cases, they are either followers or haters. The polarisation might help people who are on the ascendence in power, but the win on social networks does not mean much; it is like how much crowd you have gathered for your political rally by way of 'mobilisation'. 

In the blogosphere, where you stay only when you are serious at least more than a benchmark, people write seriously and readers take them seriously. On some blogs, there is good amount of healthy, thoughtful, interaction.

You can see a list of blogs that discuss current affairs passionately and figure in this year's Directory of Best Indian Blogs. It so happens that many of them (marked #) are by columnists of one the most read newspapers of India, the ToI. Three blogs of this list (marked *) also figure in our Platinum list, or the creme of Indian English blogosphere.

chennaifocus - Chennai Focus news
calamurgargi - A POV
anindianmuslim - An Indian Muslim
citycitybangbang - City City Bang Bang#
cursor - Cursor*#

erratica - Erratica*#
extraordinaryissue - Extraordinary Issue#
globalmadarasi - Global Madrasi
globespotting - Globespotting#
gurcharandas - Gurcharan Das
indianomics - Indianomics 

justicekatju - Satyam Bruyat - Justice Katju
masquerader - Masquerader#
politically-incorrect - Politically Incorrect#
right-and-wrong - Right & Wrong#
ttrammohan - The Big Picture
thegoldstandardsite - The Gold Standard*

ITB has not chosen these blogs by the political or social line they take or the merit of their arguments, but for overall high quality that includes quality of language, consistency and regularity, and massive resource base created over time. 

Best food bloggers from India bring you the best of subcon cuisine

ITB brings out the best Indian blogs' directory in June every year. This year's Directory has 50 superb Indian food blogs in one place

I have drilled down the list to select four topmost food blogs that have enormous resources and a vast variety of cuisines. In addition, they excel in showing you how a dish is prepared. And their journey is fruit (or food, is it?) of their immense passion for cooking and great food sense.

Raks Kitchen looks slightly cluttered in Rajeswari's effort to apply as much navigation as possible to her huge resources. Some ads also mess up the overall looks. But click on a segment and you find the richness and variety of content. 

Saffron Trail has a very refined look and the recipes are as clearly described. Being a doctor and nutritionist, Nandita doesn't forget to add health aspects of ingredients and recipes.

best Indian food blogs

Sharmi's Passions is also a huge storehouse of cuisines, supported with detailed recipes. Sharmilee also loves food photography and it shows in the blog.

As the name suggests, Vegan Richa is Richa's blog on pure vegan food. You must visit to get convinced that there could be such a variety of tasty food without dairy, fish, seafood and meat. 

topmost food bloggers

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India's topmost blogs in English. Quality prevails!

We present you this eclectic list of outstanding blogs from India.

We call it our platinum list. Why, you might ask. So let's repeat what we said last time: Platinum is one of the 'noble' metals. It is more stable, corrosion resistant and ductile than gold and silver, the other noble metals. It is rare and expensive too. So are our platinum blogs: stable, full of valuable resources, and not cheap in looks and monetization. Of course, we cannot compare a blog on economics or book reviews with that on fashion or food, but within their genres each is a topper.

Making a small list out of many good items is not easy, and it becomes highly subjective. In our case, we go back and forth numerous times, looking for good and bad points and upgrading or reluctantly downgrading a blog. As this list cannot have all blogs from a few major categories, we drop some excellent blogs due to high intra-category competition.
Finally we have a list distilled for overall high quality in terms of richness of resources, quality of content, regularity, and a minimum level of design finery and engagement. 

Here is the list, the Platinum List of Indian Blogs in English: 

abhijitbhaduri - Abhijit Bhaduri
apotpourriofvestiges - A Potpourri of Vestiges
arun-bohemianwanderer - Bohemian Wanderer
baradwajrangan - Baradwaj Rangan
bbeautilicious - Be Beautilicious
Citycitybangbang - City City Bang Bang
cursor - Cursor
erratica - Erratica 
ddsreviews - b00k r3vi3ws 
gargi - A POV
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
homecynhome - Home Cyn Home
indiasendangered - India's Endangered
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
joshidaniel - Joshi Daniel Photography
kbalakumar - Crank's Corner
lassiwithlavina - Lassi with Lavina
lemonicks - Lemonics
moneyexcel - MoneyExcel
movieretrospect - Passion for Movies
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
privytrifles - Reviews & Musings….
rachnaparmar - Rachna Says
rakskitchen - Rak's kitchen
saffrontrail - Saffron Trail
savedelete - Save Delete
sharmispassions - Sharmis Passions
shoutmeloud - ShoutMeLoud
sid-thewanderer - The Wanderer
sqlauthority - Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
Swaminomics - Swaminomics
thedelhiwalla - The Delhi Walla
thegoldstandardsite - The Gold Standard
theindianbeauty - the Indian Beauty blog
the-shooting-star - The Shooting Star
veganricha - Vegan Richa
walkthewilderness - Walk the Wilderness

Best Indian blogs 2017: fashion, travel, parenting, tech, photo, personal blogs and many others

You would know that each year since 2011 we have been releasing the list of top Indian blogs in alphabetical order, followed by a category-wise listing of the Indian best blogs.

This year, we have a new category of blogs on parenting. On the other hand, we did not find many good blogs on sports and so have dropped that category. We'd be able to include lifestyle category from next time only; this time, blogs claiming to be lifestyle blogs have been included in the major category to which they belong (e.g. fashion). Many blogs with good resources on more than one niche have been included in more than one category.  

More details on the categories are available on the page listing the top Indian blogs listed category-wise.

As has been the trend, a majority of blogs in the blog list are personal blogs and those with comments on all things on the earth, with no significant resources on other categories. But only because they are not 'professional' blogs or are not focusing on earning money from the blog does not mean they are any less; in fact, some blogs in the personal category are eminently outstanding.

best of Indian blogging

Releasing the 2017 Edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

The 2017 edition of Directory of Best Indian Blogs has been released today.

We toiled a lot but gold is what we've found!

We went through thousands of blogs, shortlisted them over many rounds and finally distilled the list to about 300 blogs. In doing so, we made more than 200,000 page visits  during the last four months. 

This time, we also sourced Twitter to find new blogs and we did find hundreds of good blogs linked to Twitter. We could take about two dozen such blogs because others did not meet our selection criteria. But the labor was worth it as some blogs are really very good.
As always, you will find a  bouquet of good quality blogs in this Directory, all contributing appreciably to the richness of the blogosphere. All may not be outstanding in ALL quality parameters but they excel in content and are passionate bloggers, even if not so outstanding in terms of engagement or design. 

We've tried to be most objective, fair and purposeful

When in doubt (e.g. when the there were spelling or grammatical mistakes or the design was not so good or navigation was poor, and we felt like dumping the blog), we posed this question to ourselves: 'Does this blog contribute to the blogosphere with its thought and experiences, will  adding it add value to the Directory?' 

In some cases, we had to interact with some otherwise good bloggers, advising them to remove some very obvious flaws in their otherwise good blogs - unwanted pop-ups, an unending blog list, gaping white space between paras, too many ads on a personal blog and so on. Such bloggers have (mostly) obliged by making amends. Some otherwise plain blogs have also been included because of their socially relevant cause.

We had to leave behind some excellent blogs because we could find no clue about their regularity or their posts are stacked like static pages on a static website. Similarly we had to filtered out review blogs with no disclosure at all. Blogs that are run by commercial entities or have big editorial teams were also been excluded. We'd try to bring a separate directory of such blogs if time permits.

We've included blogs in which the content was good but the blogger had no control over anything except the content [blogs on captive platforms e.g.]. But we've no option but to leave platforms that are horrible in terms of navigation and impose themselves on the blog.

The Directory wouldn't include Huffington Post but, yes, Seth Godin!

You might still have a question in mind, i.e. why we do not include some top rated blogs that you find in listings of others. Let's explain. 

As we have amply clarified elsewhere, we do not include blogs as part of corporate or media portals. We also filter out blogs in which earning is the sole motive. Blogs maintained as static websites, comprising mostly of automated content and web magazines are also out. 

In India of today, there is no bigger social media personality than PM Modi. Modi's blog is ironically the most apt example of what we can't have here. When he was Gujarat CM, he maintained a personal blog, which was in this Directory for many years. Now he has a portal, and it has a more modern look and huge resources, but it is not a blog. (In a corner of this massive portal lies a blog which, btw, is not updated since 2015.) So is the case with the second biggest media personality in India, Shashi Tharoor. We can't include his personal site in the Directory, though it is more regularly updated than many regular blogs.

Similarly, we can't have HuffPost, Mashable and similar big blogs even some such biggies are Indian. Yes, we would have Seth Godin's blog and Blog Tyrant here if they were Indian.

Now, the Directory.

You can access the Directory here: Best Indian Blogs: alphabetical listing. We'd soon come out with category-wise listing of the Directory and then a smaller list out of these fine blogs that have excelled in all quality parameters. We call them Platinum Blogs.

If you see the badge given below on a blog, you can be sure of the standing of the blog as a quality blog. However, do read the disclaimer below before you deal financially or otherwise with such a blog.

For bloggers whose blogs are listed in the blog directory: You may consider putting the badge as seen here on your blog. This is purely voluntary. For putting the badge on your blog, copy the html code given in blue text below and paste it somewhere in a post (if you can edit the post in html view) or in an html gadget/ widget. Please do not copy paste the badge but the code, unless you cannot put the html code on the blog. 
 <a href=""><img src="" style="border: 1;"></a> 

If you appreciate our work and wish to share it on your Twitter account, do click below:

Inclusion of a blog in this Directory is no certificate from ITB. We cannot be held responsible for any harm occurring due to a blog’s inclusion in this Directory. We also do not take responsibility for any inappropriate content of any type including defamation, plagiarism, use of inappropriate text and audio-visual material, etc carried by any blog listed in the Directory, though at the time of Directory compilation, we took due care not to include blogs with inappropriate content in the Directory.

If your blog is in the Directory and you don’t want it here for any reason, do tell us and we will immediately unburden you of the listing.

Indian Blogs: Slipping or growing in their number and influence?

We are bringing out the seventh edition of Directory of Best Indian Blogs on 1st June.

We have completed three rounds of manually checking and filtering blogs for the Directory. Every year during this process, we clean our database by removing dud blogs and yet it has bloated (again) to more than 50k because we used to keep blogs that had low regularity but were still somewhat active. This time, we have checked all such sleepish blogs and removed them for ever.

A handful of good blogs could not be considered as the bloggers have purposely made it difficult to know their dates of posting. Some have applied designs that convert the blog into a static website though they might be adding new posts there. 

Similarly, we had to reject blogs when the bloggers didn't divulge who they are, and it is impossible to know whether they are an individual, a group, a firm or an NGO and what is their purpose behind the blog. Google itself says, identity of the website owners is one of the key factors for a site's reputation on the web.

Indian-blogs-popular-make-moneyThis time, we searched Twitter for new blogs and collected over 2k URLs from there. This all has taken a lot of our time but the labor has proved fruitful.

Let's share what all we found during this process. 

  • Newspapers are disowning blogs. Some big newspapers and TV channels already had restrictive blogging platforms, but Hindustan Times - a big Indian English newspaper, which had a good collection of well-written blogs - has given it up. It still has a blog section hidden in a corner of the website, with no content as of now. Times of India, the biggest English newspaper in India, which tries monetizing every bit of its web property, has put a pop-under ad behind blogs. Many of its earlier blogs have died and its present blogs are nothing but re-posting of newspaper columns, but still worth reading because of high quality of content.
  • As usual, many popular and reputed blogs have ceased to exist or become irregular. This mostly includes blogs that shared thoughts/ experiences  rather than selling anything, but some blogs on food and travel too have died. On the other hand, a few good ones that had gone to sleep have woken up. Overall, the blogosphere has lost a number of good blogs.
  • If bloggers think that only paid for / self-hosted blogs look professional or only they make money, the Directory will have some blogs that still are part of .blogspot or .wordpress domains and are successful in terms of popularity, reputation, even money-making. But, such blogs are very few.
  • Making blogs for making money has caught up in India. Earlier seen in IT and food niches, it has become even more pronounced in travel niche. We came across a few hundred travel blogs by Indians, some of which are making good money. Interestingly, some bloggers have jumped to this activity leaving behind good jobs. A few bloggers (whom we contacted during writing a series on travel blogging recently) confided that they had adopted travel blogging as their full time job and are happy with it.  
  • Other themes that seem to be catching attention of bloggers in India are: photography, beauty, lifestyle (a mixed niche that generally includes grooming, fashion, decor, family, socialization and fitness) and book reviews. While insurance, health, relationship, career and real estate are also popular niches worldwide, these have not caught up in India. 
  • Indians are great cricket and music/ film fans, and yoga has originated in India and has become popular too, but there are not many blogs on these areas, not to speak of good blogs.
  • The blogging for money type of blogs are becoming more polished and often with high level of social media integration. Linking with Twitter and Instagram is pronounced while earlier Facebook used to be the first/ only choice.
  • Since more blogs are being opened for making money, bloggers' influence on branding seems to be growing, albeit in only a few niches such as travel.
  • The trend of opening many blogs seems to have declined. Moreover, though lesser number of blogs are now opening (thanks largely to social networking platforms), the percentage of blogs that sustain seems to be increasing. 
  • We have also been noticing of late is that a good number of serious bloggers keep blogging, though with low regularity. For example, a finance expert who is busy in his profession keeps writing once a month or so; a CEO takes out time to talk about Indian society's ills 2-3 times in a quarter; a retired government servants keeps discussing  governance issues on her blog.  
That's all for now. June 1, remember? That's the day when we'd publish the Directory. Till then, namaste.