October 24, 2017

Best Indian literary blogs in English in 2017

Indian English blogging is undergoing a sort of transformation. New, especially young, bloggers now create professional blogs as they no longer need blogging for their personal social media needs. Personal shares and networking are done on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks, not on blogs.

People who are active in literature - both as readers and writers - mostly open blogs for satisfying their literary urge. Till some years back, literary blogging was limited to sharing good reads and using the blog as one's extension for expressions. Then came authors who opened blogs to promote their books, and readers learned to use blogging for reviewing books on payment. Many literary agencies and book publishers opened blogs as part of their portals to share updates. Many writers have created a blog to just express themselves through poetry and fiction, and for published authors, this works beautifully as their extension of published life. 
In India, the literature niche is not as rich and engaging in English blogging as in local language blogging, mostly because English is not the mother tongue of over 95% Indians and they can express themselves much better in Indian languages. The professional/ earning segment is even smaller because Indian bloggers are unable to monetize their content for two reasons: (i) digital transactions are not yet as prevalent as in the more developed societies, (ii) not many Indians regularly read English literature, and (iii) Indian web surfers are miserly when it comes to paying for content.

topmost 2 dozen literary blogs in India

I have taken out the topmost blogs out of ITB Blog Directory for 2017; I then did a lot of web search and found a few more excellent literary blogs. I present these best Indian literary blogs in English. I might have missed one or two. If you have seen such fine blogs, please tell me and I will include them here.

ajaykontham - The Shaded Shadows
anieshabrahma - Aniesha's Musings
anureviews - Anu Reviews

artofleo - I Rhyme Without Reason

bookgeeks - bookGeeks
ddsreviews - b00k r3vi3ws
fatema - Life As Freya
geetaavij - Fabric of Life
inderpreetuppal - Inderpreet's Eloquent Articulation
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
kaapitimes - Hot Cup of Kaapi

knownturf - Known Turf 
literarism - Literarism
meotherwise - Me Otherwise
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
privytrifles - Reviews & Musings….

saffrontree - Saffron Tree
saurabhchawla - Saurabh's Lounge
shanayatales - Shanaya Tales
shoooonya - …shoooonya…
soumya-hintofme - LOL: Life Of Leo
sundarivenkatraman - Flaming Sun
tabularasabookblog - Tabula Rasa
the-long-walk-home - The Long Walk Home
thereaderscosmos - The Readers Cosmos

theshimsybookworm - The Whimsy Bookworm
uspandey - One Grain Amongst the Storm

vishytheknight - Vishy's Blog

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