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India's best literary blogs in 2018

If you want to see the current list of best literary blogs in India, please see the update as of September 20 here: Topmost literature blogs in India The present post (below) is from archives of 2018.   We issued the list of best literary blogs in India last year and received good response from readers. The following list is that of best Indian English literary blogs in 2018. We have discussed our observations of Indian literary blogging scene in the last post linked here. They still hold good. In the present one, we just update the list. Hope you find the blogs rich in content. Blogs are arranged according to the operative part of their URL, in alphabetical order. Each entry contains the URL with link - blog title - short description. abhijitbhaduri - Abhijit Bhaduri - author of leadership books abhinavagarwal - Abhinav Agarwal - musings, book reviews akswrites - The Untold Stories - musings, short fiction anieshabrahma - Aniesha's Musings - musings, fiction, boo