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This page contains links to all posts on Top Blogs on web hosting and domain name registration, for small website owners and bloggers.

There are two basic requirements when you open an independent blog (not on a free blogging platform):

1. Buy a domain name for the blog. Domain name is the name or web address by which the blog (or any other type of website) is known. The blog that you are reading has this domain name:

2. Buy a web hosting plan. Placement of a website on the world wide web is called web hosting. Many companies provide servers that are always connected with internet and these are used for hosting websites including blogs.

These are the articles on ITB on these aspects:

hosting a blog on the web

Keeping the blog secure (from hackers, trolls etc) and taking its backup (so that your content is not lost if there is some technical issue or hacking) are two matters closely related to web hosting. I have discussed these and given tips in this series of posts: blog security and safety.


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