How to change the registrar of your blog's domain?

Domain name registration is done only through registrars registered with ICANN, the international body for internet naming. So, all domain name registrars have to abide by the norms set by ICANN.

Generally speaking, you are free to change your registrar. However, in certain cases, you may be denied such a transfer, e.g. if some fee payment is pending or someone else has represented to them to be the real domain name holder.

The present registrar might even charge you for the transfer, and that is supposed to be legal!

Domain transfers are allowed only after 60 days of purchase of domain or its earlier transfer.

The process is slightly procedure-bound. Registrars generally have a facility for domain transfer, which once clicked guides you till you agree to their terms, and then it generates a code for unlocking the domain for transfer. You then apply to the new registrar for accepting the transfer through such a link on their website, and supply the code. The new registrar usually charges a fee for transfer that includes registration for one year from the original expiry date. The transfer materializes in a few days. 

In some cases (e.g. country-level domains), sometimes the code is not required; you can check this up with the new registrar.

There might be some variation to the standard procedure given above. Both the old and new registrars will likely have their terms on their websites.

Domain name registrar: why change it?

Should I change the domain registrar at all?

There can be situations - good or bad - in which you will need such a change. For example,
  • You might be shifting to a new web host and he might give you a domain name of your choice free.
  • You might want the convenience of having the same host and domain registrar so that billing, customer service, etc are seamless.
  • You might find the present registrar costlier than others.
  • Some other registrar might have options for automatic renewal or multi-year plans that the present one does not have.
  • You have run into a dispute with the present one, for whatever reason.
  • You have sold your domain and have to transfer it to the buyer.

ICANN has this FAQ page on domain name transfer between registrars.


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