Fiverr traffic: Bloggers beware!

I am writing this short post prompted by questions blogger friends have asked about using traffic services from Fiverr.

If you don't know, Fiverr is one of the sites that sell services at a cheap price. As the name suggests, most of the offers here are for 5 dollars. There are thousands of people selling a poster, a passage editing service, a SEO plan, a web-audit... for $5 or its multiples. There are many others including FoverUp, GigBucks and Zeerk and SEOClerks.

On such penny-offer websites, a large number of people offer 'gigs' to do 'genuine' and 'proven' SEO and increase 'relevant' traffic manifold in a short time. They give hundreds of testimonials of 'satisfied' customers. 

I would request you to NOT fall for such offers, which look attractive because of claims and the very low price charged. The claims are mostly false and testimonials are mostly procured by force or are outright fake. Their claim of having sites with 'PR7 and above' and using  back-linking techniques that are Google approved are bunkum. They repeat the same sites and use methods that just cannot be to the liking of Google and other search engines because the traffic generated by them is paid traffic, nothing else. Moreover, most of their link-building or other work is automated, which makes them even more suspect in the eyes of search engines. 

If you buy a gig from such websites for your own website or blog, it is likely that your blog suffers minor or major penalties (depending upon the time for which you use their services and the level of fake and illegitimate traffic tricks they apply) from Google etc.

Isn't it foolish to think that if the so called 'PR7 and  above' websites are not known to Google as sham sites. Moreover, it is sure that the smart search engines of today are able to differentiate between the content on a high-reputation sites on one hand and a spam comment made on their posts or an account opened on their platform just to get a link.

Yes, there could be a very small number of genuine SEO techies who do part-time work on such platforms. But any search engine optimization done without thoroughly analyzing the website/ blog, even by genuine guys, is not likely a good SEO.

Bloggers beware! 


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