Medium blogging platform gets great traffic; should I shift my blog there?

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Medium gives clutter-free reading experience!
Nobody doubts the value of Medium as a content site but the opinion is divided on taking is as a blogging platform. If its fans drool over its fantastic social/ community-driven virality, self-hosted bloggers frown at its lack of blog-like features such as custom design and monetization.

Medium is an easy platform for writing on the web

If you are new to Medium, let's quickly introduce it. It is a social site on which you can publish a post after a quick sign-up through Google, Facebook etc. Go to, signup and you are ready for writing your first post (called 'story'). You can comment on any story and follow others. You can search Medium for stories on different aspects by 'search' or 'tags'.

If you want to be regular on Medium, keep posting  stories and also start a 'publication' which is like a blog on Medium platform. It contains your own stories, and if you want you can include stories written by others. 

Medium focuses on writing, content. The stories on Medium come out clean, without clutter. No ads, no annoying popups, no widgets; just reading, commenting and sharing. Some find the reading experience on Medium better than even well-curated newspaper sites because the content is often as good and there are no annoying ads and popups.

The fact that visitors to Medium are good readers stories is borne out from the fact that stories that have 7 minutes of content get the maximum reads and shares. That translates into about 1800 words! Definitely, you will not get the number of shares that you might get on WhatsApp and Twitter but those who come to your Medium account will be those who read and appreciate good content. 

If your content is liked by people, the story gets listed in their storylines/ publications, and your original story gets good traffic in no time. In that respect, Medium behaves like bookmarking sites (e.g. Digg) and community blogs. 

Compare top blogging platforms. Where does Medium stand? 

Well, Medium is for self-expression and sharing. Blog is all this and also one's own space on the web. Blog allows you to spruce it up and play with it the way you like, even make money from it.

On your blog, you can run widgets (=gadgets) that give functionalities such as a contact form, showing local weather, converting currency, putting a blogroll, showing up your best posts and so on. You can do SEO and promotion. At advance level, you can have landing pages, forms, affiliations, PPC ads and display ads.

But if you are a blogger with your own blog (not on Medium), the possibilities of tweaking design etc can also act as your liabilities because they divert your mind from the content. 

To repeat, on Medium you get good quantity and quality of traffic but you can't be creative with design aspects. You cannot monetize your content the way you can on your blog.

For a detailed comparison among popular blogging platforms and website builders, please visit the linked article.

Who said you can't make money out of a Medium blog? 

Sorry, we said this just a sentence earlier; but what we said was that you can't do so in a direct way

We have hundreds of examples of popular Medium bloggers having made huge money. 

Money need not come directly through ads, isn't it? In fact, most regular bloggers who make good money confide that it needs support of other streams to earn good from blogging. (A post on paying streams for bloggers if you like.)

Some Medium bloggers have got book orders as their excellent writing was discovered by discerning publishers. Some, who gave a link to their main blog on their stories, have reported getting very good traffic to the blog. Some have smartly given a link to their landing pages so interested readers reach the right place to buy their product. 

In fact, Medium allows you to re-purpose your blog content beautifully. Go to the story editor, import from the main blog and publish the story on Medium. It allows you to edit the post before publishing and also automatically gives a prominent link to the original blog post.

A great medium so ignorantly abandoned!

Interestingly, Medium has been ignored by politicians who otherwise are so hungry to spread their word far and wide. Perhaps writing good content is not the forte of many of them. But they can get the content ghost-written, what they already do on their blogs and websites. We feel that Medium is an excellent place for spreading mature political thought. 

Big social thinkers, NGOs and academicians have also ignored this platform, perhaps because it does not give them the identity that an independent website or a closed forum/ community does.

After analyzing pros and cons of Medium, we feel that all those seeking to be read by serious people should have a presence on Medium

Bloggers need not abandon their main blog. They should rather find ways to supplement their main blog through Medium. Re-publishing and cross-linking are two easy ways to leverage the potential of both the platforms.