5 reasons you must stop blogging today itself

We have this shocking piece of advice for friends who have 'fallen into' blogging for wrong reasons. 

You will agree that when commitment, focus, proper tools and adequate time and energy are not there, even the best things in the world are likely to fail, and blogging is no exception. So, bloggers, stop blogging if you suffer from any of the following:

1. Someone forced you into blogging but you hate it

You are a kid and your mother feels blogging will improve your writing skills, and you do it though you hate it. Or you are a student who is forced by the teacher to keep your 'student blog' active. Or you blog just to show off your intellect because you fear that otherwise your peers or friends will look down upon you.

In all such situations of forced blogging, your mind and heart will not be into it, and you must quit it and feel relieved. If you cannot leave it, do it at the minimum level that is acceptable, and relieve yourself of the burden. But before leaving it, think twice; this 'forced' blogging too might do you good in the long run.

2. It is a big drain on your time and energy

Some bloggers write posts as if to continuously beat deadlines. They are on a treadmill, getting more and more tired without moving an inch. They feel, they can't cope with it, but need to keep the blog updated and for that they end up 'burning midnight oil'.

If you are one on this treadmill, leave blogging and spend time with your ailing fast friend or in improving your professional skills - whichever need more of your attention than blogging. Or give blogging a pause and resume it when you have more time [and energy]. Or do it occasionally, only to the extent you can sustain it comfortably.

3. Blogging has become boring

Are you suffering from 'writer's block' - not getting right expressions or being able to get ideas? Has your knowledge bank exhausted? Do you feel bored of blogging, and it no longer excites you?

If yes, you are a sure candidate for un-blogging yourself. But before doing that, ask yourself whether the problem is with blogging or with you. This is needed because we have seen a large number of friends and relatives quitting exercise, yoga, music, dance and other avocations as they feel 'bored'.

4. Blogging is taking away more than giving back to you

All our activities should, generally speaking, give us something - money, fulfilment of needs, comfort, peace of mind, long-term happiness, instant thrill, or whatever else. On the other hand, nothing comes free, and we need to give something in return - time, energy, money, peace, bodily comfort etc, etc.

It so happens at times that we end up sacrificing our time and energy disproportionately higher than required for a small gain. This can happen due to many reasons. Take a few examples relating to blogging: A blogger might choose a 'borrowed' topic [one in which he doesn't have much knowledge] and keep trying to keep it going. Another blogger, with no technical knowledge, might get fascinated by frills on some website and would learn the tricks himself for months together to implement them in his blog. Another blogger friend might be paying thousands of dollars a year to a web-host for a simple blog that can as well be hosted on Blogger. 

If you have plenty of time and money to spend on blogging, fine; if not, think over this: are you doing simple things in complicated or wrong ways that consume so much time, labour or money that you feel cheated? Diagnose the issue and re-engineer your blog engagement if that is required. If you do not have a solution in sight, how about getting rid of the blog or blogging itself!

5. You want to earn a very quick buck

Have you entered blogging just to make a huge fortune and too quickly? If yes, read on.

Blogging is a painstaking activity and you need to work hard to establish your brand and earn money from your blog. Of course some SEO and other tweaks, along with good monetisation techniques including connected sources of income, help you earn faster. But unless you are a techie/ hacker who is able to fool search engines and buyers that your blog has great value while you serve them trash, you will take time to earn handsomely from a blog.

So, dear, if you are not prepared to work hard and do not have the brains and intention of a wayward  tech prodigy and yet want to earn quick money, you should quit blogging right now. Believe us, there are many more ways to earn money on the web, and many of them are better than blogging. 

If you still feel that you need not quit blogging, you deserve a big cheer from us. Be patient and work slightly harder and you will achieve whatever may your blog's goal be.


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