Feeling exhausted at 70? Start a blog now!

Let's start with some blogging myths:
  • Blogging needs at least some technical knowledge; the more the better.
  • Blogging is for the new generation; oldies are a misfit.
  • Why waste your time when you don't have to promote your CV or career or earn from the blog?
  • Blogging is no longer fashionable. To look modern, open accounts on Snapchat, Vine etc.
  • Nobody reads blogs anymore. It is pass-time for lazy people.
Hope, you do not believe in such myths and already know the value of serious blogging. Perhaps that's why you are here. If you have doubts on that, do tell us and we'd send you some readable posts on email.


Blogging can be highly rewarding at any age. One just needs to change design, content, regularity and targeting of audience according to one's age. If you are not a blogger, you will be surprised to know how blogging at old age can bring you unseen rewards.

Blogging is just right for people who are no hyper-active. Yes, modern social networks, bookmarking sites and chat apps are for young people with lots of physical energy. People whose attention span is going down by the day. People who  are in a race to prove themselves. On the other hand, blogs are eminently suited for mature people who love to read and think. Mind it, blogs are not dull or lazy, and you can also adjust your pace as you like.

Blogging can be a very absorbing, purposeful activity (photo: Pixabay)

If you are lonely, your blog will give you marvelous company. Blogging is a very absorbing avocation. If you are passionate about any subject, you can keep reading and writing about it. You can give expression to all your thoughts, develop your arguments in favor or against a notion, seek others' views... The more you engage yourself, the more absorbing it can be. It will make sure, you don't feel lonely, without work, without a purpose.
Blogging keeps you engaged, it reduces boredom, it gives you a sense of control (as against helplessness). 

If you have not written, composed poetry or painted before, it will let you start afresh. Recall all creative things you wanted to do during your childhood and teen age, family-raising days, busy-in-office days. Perhaps you composed sentimental poems and then you left. You had tried your hand at drawing/ painting/ cartooning, some craft. You were a good essayist/ orator in your school days. Now is the time to check if the flame still flickers in some corner. Perhaps you can startle your family and friends with your re-kindled talent. 

Or perhaps you wanted to try your hand on one of these but could not. If so, do try it now. Blogging can be like a huge canvas where you can keep experimenting till you get the quality that you want to show. The sense of achievement is much more when you climb a hill at 80 than if you climbed it at 18, isn't it?
Blog can by a great platform to share your experiences of a life time. Your experiences could be related to living a full life or as a professional. A grandma's experiences of raising a family... a well-traveled grandfather's hair-raising adventure stories... these could be an enormous treasure that younger generations would cherish. Or people of your age will feel nostalgic about. You could give your progeny a reason to feel proud about their grandpa's achievements. You could even recollect gems from your life and that of your acquaintances and compose a readable autobiography!

Sometimes your experiences could be special in their own ways. Maybe, you played basketball better than others and knew some tricks that today's players in your city don't seem to know. You might have a rare photograph of you standing next to John Kennedy or Gorbachev or Indira Gandhi. Or you could share your rare collection of books through the blog...

Don't undermine your experiences. You have not wasted 60, 70 or 80 years of yours just in eating bread and drinking beer. If nothing else, you'd know some very effective home remedies, an uncanny way of blowing a balloon, a trick to make bathing fun for kids, a handicraft, a contraption, a magic trick... People can learn even from your mistakes if you made them in plenty and document them for others.

Still on sharing your past, you can make the blog a great diary, a great album! Post your rare photographs, post your family tree, post memorable letters written by your mother to you when you got your first job in a different city. Over a period, develop old anecdotes and memories into someone's biography or your autobiography! Why not?

You want to give back to the society but are too frail for public service? Don't lose heart. You can be an online activist. You can join an online group and contribute there. You can, then, link all such activities with your blog. Let the blog be the hub of your sharing and caring work and enjoy seeing smiles of people's faces

Blogging can reduce the pace of age-related degeneration. Young prince Gautam found in his journey towards becoming Lord Budha, that told age was one of the most debilitating part of human life and one that one was destined to suffer. 

One of the basic reasons for helpless among the aged is degeneration of organs and mental faculties. The degeneration, medical science says, gets aggravated when one is depressed or lonely. Keeping oneself engaged not only gives a sensation of being fine, it actually helps in reducing inflammation, chronic pain, metabolic and endocrine imbalances and decay in brain's functioning.

Blogging suits you more than fast social networking sites such as Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram.

You are not expected to be as ebullient as a healthy teen. You don't feel like snapping a selfie all the time. You don't have fiends all around you asking for a trick shot posing as jumping over a tower. You don't jump in a pond just for fun. Remember, you are no longer a teen, not even an adult in his/ her 40s or early 50s. You have slowed down and rightly so. So, you might find many new social media platforms too fast for you. 

Blogging is like a walking machine in which you have all control over speed and slope.


General tips on starting a blog and maintaining it well

These simple tips have been created especially for the elderly, and on the premise that you have access to a computer/ laptop/ wide-screened smartphone and internet.

If so, be ready to create a blog. We'd suggest that you open a blog on Blogger platform. It is free, easily customizable and fun to work on. Your blog is just three steps from here:
  1. Open a GMail account. If you haven't opened one ever, click here, fill up the form there and submit.
  2. On a separate tab/ window on the web browser, type blogger.com, press Enter on your keyboard and reach Blogger. Choose 'Limited Blogger Profile' for now and give your name. 
  3. Click on 'New Blog' and give the blog a beautiful name. In 'Address', write the web address you want the blog to have. (For example, if we wanted to open a blog with adress www.indiantopblogs.com, we'd write indiantopblogs there.)Don't bother about 'Template' yet; just click on 'Create Blog' and your blog is ready!
After that, it is a matter of making it beautiful and resourceful. The beauty of this platform is that you can change everything on the blog at any time in future, except its web address. So choose this bit carefully. 

On this link, you can visit detailed tips on improving blog's looks, usability and various other aspects: Subject-wise blogging tips

If you still have a problem, look at the comment box on the column on the right to this article and write to us. We'd happily do the hand-holding.

Some quick tips for blogging by the aged

Don't sit before computer for long as it might lead to backache, pain in fingers, mingled vision etc. You can write posts in many sittings. Just Save after each session; when it is all done, press the Publish button.

Joint blogging is a great idea. Blog with your life-partner, equally aged friend, son or grand-child. 

You can open as many blogs as you like, all free. Or you can have one blog with different posts arranged according to subjects.

If you have problem writing posts, you can use voice-to-text software available on the web free or on payment.  

If you cannot type in your language but can type in English, use Google input tools. These are available online here, or you can download these for offline use. In the post editor in Blogger, there is option to use languages other than English.

Don't hesitate in experimenting with your writing and images on blog posts. Press the Preview button after major changes to see how the post looks. Similarly you can add, delete, modify or change placement of gadgets. Preview them before saving the final version. You can make changes in the Template and undo the changes if you don't like them in the preview plane below the menu carousel. (The only thing you should NOT do if you don't know the computer language called HTML, is 'Edit HLML'.) 

For resources, don't hesitate to use Google search profusely. Read the resources, internalize them and write your own copy; never copy-paste others' content - neither text nor images nor audio-visual clips.