Want to advertise your blog on Google network?: Blogger has inbuilt provision for it

This is the seventh post in the series on Blogger's features. Blogger is a wonderful blogging platform with many lesser-known but fantastic features, and bloggers on this platform should make use of them on their blogs for better looks and functionality.

Blogger offers bloggers a way to easily advertise their blogs on the web, using its own AdWords advertising platform. 

A non-Blogger can use  AdWords and its associated tools, for blog SEO. Though AdWords is primarily for advertising on Google, it has many tools that can be accessed by bloggers to improve their blog's popularity and to optimise it for making money. We'd discuss these sometime later and not in the present series. In this post, let's just remind our blogger friends that they can use AdWords for advertising their blogs, especially if they are on the Blogger platform.

For starting an ad campaign, go to the main dashboard of your blog and click on 'Campaigns'. You are taken step by step to making an advertisement for your blog, setting terms of advertisement (e.g. whether you want to pay when people click on your ad or when they buy; how long should the campaign last; in which locations and languages it should be shown; your expenditure limit; etc, etc),  and then bidding for advertisements. Though we'd come with a simplified guide later on this subject, you can visit this link if you want to try out AdWords without waiting for our guide. 

You can consider AdWords if you are in a hurry to make your blog popular, and you must if you intend to sell your services or products through the blog.


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