Why Google rejected my adsense application, and what should I do?

Google AdSense pays. It pays handsomely to bloggers if things are done right.

Of late, AdSense requests seem to be getting rejected in higher numbers than before, mostly because of laziness on the part of the blogger or his greed to get rich overnight by earning from the blog.

We have seen comments on the web that new bloggers cannot get AdSense accounts approved, Google does not approve blogs on free platforms, etc etc. By our experience with blogging and through discussions with bloggers, we are sure that for an ethical and hard-working blogger, there is nothing to worry and AdSense remains one of the easiest and sure-shot methods to earn from blogging. 

However, it is always better to take precautions so that the chances of success increase. Let's check such precautions and act upon them.

This article is organized into three parts:
  • What you should do to get AdSense account easily approved.
  • What you should NOT do, so that Google approves your application and does not penalize you later.
  • What you should do if by chance Google has rejected your application or disapproved your account.


What should I do so that Google does not reject my AdSense application?


  • Fill the form carefully. Give correct email ID that is connected with the blog. Place the approval code in the right place, i.e. within the <head> part of the webpage HTML.
  • Maintain your blog/ website well. Though poorly maintained websites too get approval, it helps if the website has good content and looks professional.
  • Place a page on yourself, e.g. an 'About Us' page. This, again, is not mandatory but serves to identify the author of the website / blog and adds to the overall authority of the blog.


What should I NOT do in relation to AdSense?

Avoid the following during the process of approval and even after the AdSense account has been approved. Not following Google's various policies on content, ads etc may lead to termination of the account later on too.

Please also note that while your AdSense account is live, you can put ads on more than one blog or website. However, even if one of these flouts Google's policies, the account is likely to be terminated. You will not be able to get it re-approved.

  • Do not submit website/ blog that is under construction or has not been fully developed.
  • Don't fill the blog with irrelevant stuff or stuff that is there only for promotional purposes. 
  • Do not place ads in a way that they compromise navigation of the site.
  • Do not put elements that deceive the visitor into clicking on ads. Similarly, don't have links that take the visitor to unintended destinations.
  • Do not put content on your blog for which you do not have copyright or permission. Do not put content copy-pasted from others.
  • Do not drive traffic to the blog by spurious, wrong and illegal means including 'link farms' or PBN. 
  • Do not solicit clicks on advertisements or go for paid clicks. 
  • Don't click on own ads.
  • Do not put ads in places not meant for that, e.g. popups, emails or software.
  • Don't have inappropriate content on the website/ blog. This includes pornographic and adult content; content that generates hatred or violence; promotion and sale of weapons; filling of forms etc that may hurt the privacy of children; promotion and sale of counterfeit goods, alcohol and drinks; and so on.

What should I do if my application is rejected?

If despite following do's and don'ts given above, Google rejects your application, take notice. Chances are that you have done something that looks improper to Google; of course, in rare cases Google too can go wrong. 

  • Please note that you can put AdSense on a blog only when you have the right to change HTML code of the blog. Among major free blogging platforms, only Blogger allows that without any payment.
  • If Google has given you the reason while rejecting the application, that is what you need to look at. Take corrective action and re-submit. Technical corrections need no further elaboration here. You can see this help topic on problems in filling AdSense form.
  • If it is a business account that you have applied for, Google will likely be more finicky about your payee name, company name etc.
  • If the reason is insufficient content, tank up the blog with good content over a period (not in one go) and re-submit after a few weeks.
  • If Google found the content inappropriate, remove all such content. Give fresh content that is as per Google's content policy, and re-submit.
  • Remove ads from other PPC networks (affiliate ads will generally not interfere with AdSense).
  • If you are from India or China, your blog must be at least 6 months old before Google approves it.
  • If your account is not approved despite taking corrective action, you need to apply afresh through a new email account.
  • Please also note that at present Google does not allow more than one account for the same publisher. It means, you cannot put AdSense ads of two accounts on the same blog. If you want another account, apply separately.
If you want to know further about how AdSense works and how to earn big from it, you can visit the linked post. You can visit the following posts on Google for technical details:

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