Lifestyle blogs are a highly professional lot, not personal blogs with a dose of fashion

'Lifestyle blogging' defined

Simply said, 'lifestyle' is how people live. Since living has individual, family and social dimensions, lifestyle naturally talks about all of these. 

Till a few years back, a blog had a definite niche or a mix of related niches, or it was a personal blog in which one could write whatever one wished. People with different interests had different blogs and those not sure of their focus mostly had a mumble jumble type of blog. 

lifestyle blogging

Then emerged lifestyle blogging, and like all new things, this turned into a fad. You start a beauty blog or a food blog with a few fashion tips, or a purely personal blog with a few product reviews - and call it lifestyle blog. 

A lifestyle blog mostly have beauty and fashion as main segments but just having them does not make a blog a lifestyle blog.

So what really is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is one that deals with a combination of the following subjects, with prominence of 'style', i.e. fashion, personality and urbane matters.
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Self improvement, personality development
  • Urban culture, socializing
  • Relationships
  • Home decor
  • DIY, life hacks, crafts
  • Health, food and nutrition
  • Parenting
  • Personal finance

Why is a personal blog with fashion and wellness not a lifestyle blog?

Personal blog is like a diary on which you post your experiences, sundry ideas, events and achievements, an occasional poem, a piece of nostalgia and so on. 

Personal blog is often not 'focused'. It is like a river in the wild, which flows at its own pace and rhythm. Even if you write about the above-mentioned topics, you would be choosing them randomly - writing today on fashion, next week on food, a week later on how your yoga classes are going on... 

On the other hand, the lifestyle blog is highly focused on its goal as well as content. It is made with earning in mind; it is like a business. Its content is meant to give the reader information and advice based on one's analysis, experiences and expertise. In the river analogy, the lifestyle blog is like an irrigation canal - with regulated path and amount of water, and with the clear goal to irrigate fields.

In layout and design too, the lifestyle blog is expected to look more professional and organized. All its sections have to be distinct and updated regularly.