What is lifestyle blogging

Updated in November 2020

What is a lifestyle blog?

Before that: what is lifestyle?

Simply said, 'lifestyle' is how people live. Since living has individual, family and social dimensions, lifestyle naturally talks about all of these. Lifestyle connotes good living, not just living.

When a blog talks about how to improve one's lifestyle or discusses topics around lifestyle, it is a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blog is a professional blog, with the aim to earn money from it. 

what is lifestyle blogging

A lifestyle blog mostly has beauty and fashion as main segments but just having them does not make a blog a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog is one that deals with a combination of the following subjects, with prominence being given to 'style', i.e. fashion, personality and urbane matters. 
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Self-improvement, personality development
  • Urban culture, socializing
  • Relationships
  • Home decor
  • DIY, life hacks, crafts
  • Health, food and nutrition
  • Parenting
  • Personal finance   

Fashion and lifestyle blogging

Fashion blogging deals with fashion: fashionable products and brands, how to look fashionable, tips on fashion, fashion events and trends, and so on. It mixes well with beauty and makeup. Fashion bloggers tend to be fashionistas themselves, and good photographers.

Lifestyle blogging needs a different approach to living than talking about fashion and giving tips on beauty, fashion etc. It has a bias towards happy living. Health and diet are often a part of lifestyle blogs. Many lifestyle blogs talk about family, parenting and childcare, and decor. Wellness and hobbies also are in. Some lifestyle bloggers go beyond these and also talk about society at large. Lifestyle blogs also sometimes share thoughts and experiences that are not 'fashionable'. 

Lifestyle blogs vs personal blogs with lifestyle topics

Personal blogs are the blogs on which bloggers publish their sundry thoughts, experiences and life events. They sometimes also have tips on living a more meaningful and happy life - especially when they come from mature people and those not happy with others live their lives. After childbirth, many women a feeling that they have become expert on pregnancy. Those with a grown-up child tend to think, they are now expert on child-rearing. Men in their late forties or fifties start thinking that their life-experiences are great enough to guide the younger lot. Some then start calling their blog a lifestyle blog.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am all for giving tips on blogs even if they are from common people and not experts. What I intend to say here is that a personal blog with life experiences and tips does not make the blog a lifestyle blog.

The lifestyle blog is highly focused on its goal as well as content. It is made with the goal of making money; it is like a business. Its content is meant to give the reader information and advice based on what the reader wants, not the personal experiences the blogger wants to share. If a personal blog were a rivulet in the wild, a lifestyle blog would be an irrigation canal - with regulated path and amount of water, and with the clear goal to irrigate fields.

The lifestyle blog is maintained like a business. Its look and feel are business-like. Its articles are well-organized. There is a plan of content creation, and there is a strategy for getting traffic and blog monetization. 

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