Food bloggers, apply Google's new feature 'badges' to get more traffic

You can add new markup to your site or blog so that they are better discovered on Google visual search

With the latest offer, Google has given a facility to showcase recipes on Google app on Android and mobile web by using a 'badge' feature. The badge on the image of your recipe prompts the searcher to visit your blog. That's it!

What it means is (I'm using Google's own example) that if someone does an image search for cupcakes on Google on his mobile phone, he will get a badge on the bottom left corner of thumbnails which tells about the image's category and options available from there. So, if one sees a type of cupcake with a badge 'recipe' on it and clicks on it, he will be taken to the recipe to make that cake. This added good user experience is likely to drive traffic to the website or blog from which the image is sourced.

As a blogger or website owner, what you have to do is to apply recipe markup to your pages so that your  images get the badge and direct visitors to your site.

Link here to know how to put the recipe badge on web pages.  

Btw, Bing has this feature for desktop searches since 2015.


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