Create your first blog and make it fantastic

On ITB we have generally been addressing bloggers who already have opened a blog. This post is for those who’d like to start a blog for their own self, kids, parents, grand parents, a group, a company or an organization.


We have discussed the following topics that come naturally when you think of starting a blog, so we won’t repeat them but have just linked them from here:


Let's go straight to blogging. Let's try to answer ‘How can I make my own blog?’

Making a blog is as simple as opening an email account. We recommend to new bloggers to create a free blog on Blogger (=Google) platform, experiment with all the customizations that it allows, work for some time and then take big decisions. 

Once you have succeeded in making a blog for yourself and have made a commitment to yourself that you will give it a minimum amount of time every week / month, sky is the limit. The links on the resource corner on ITB (Please look at the top right corner) will help you understand the basics of all aspects of blogging.

The beauty of this easy, step-by-step, way of graduating into impact-full blogging is that you can become an expert blogger without your initial effort going waste. For example, after some time you can integrate the blog created on Blogger with an independent domain or migrate it to a new platform altogether. You can tweak the design anytime, add html functionality (you can learn a bit of it if you don’t already know), apply new templates, etc etc.

So, friends, go to the slideshow, start a blog on the Blogger platform, come back and browse some of the links in the resource corner. When you have time, do visit the blogging tips link on ITB for hundreds of tips on blogging - some in great detail. Visit the best blogs in your area of interest to learn from them. 

If you still have some doubts, write to us at .

Happy blogging!

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