Blogs valuable as historical archives, says researcher

Not many of us might have seen a research paper on the value of blogs as historical archives, by Dr Deborah Gabriel. So we thought, let's share it with blogger friends this week.

The paper analyses blogs by African Caribbean bloggers living in the UK and finds that blogs pay an important role in capturing key historical moments as they help generate new levels of understanding on the experiences of racial minorities. 

To further quote the paper,

Blogs function as an important medium that enables African Caribbean people to create and interpret events as counter-narratives in opposition to dominant discourses. This is of major significance since power and privilege are unevenly distributed across all cultural and social arenas and as such can only be challenged through ‘democratic practice’... The findings demonstrate that the bloggers featured in this study appropriate blogs as a medium for self-representation, leading to the cultivation of symbolic power through their own constructions of Black identity and social life.

You can read the full article 'Challenging the Whiteness of Britishness...' here.
Extracted with the permission of the original author of the research paper.


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