March 2, 2011

Blog ranking and blogosphere survey – Feb 2011

The Indian Top Blogs ranking of blogs of Feb 2011 is over. As we said before, we kept quality of blogs much higher than their popularity. We have been able to look at about 12,000 Indian blogs and properly examine about 1,000 of them. It was a big task for our 4-member team. Instead of including a few thousand more blogs, we thought to rather stick to our deadline. We admit that it is only a minuscule of the Indian blogosphere but we could not go further. We will add more blogs to the ranking when we do it next.
Interestingly, in trying to rank blogs we ended up doing a sort of survey of blogs. With this sample, we found that most of the bloggers have been very occasional bloggers or they post in spurts only to go on hibernation for long times. One main reason for waning of the initial enthusiasm of these bloggers could be that they found blogging more demanding and time-consuming than they had thought. The return, monetary or in terms of satisfaction, perhaps did not match their expectation. Another important reason for this could be their new-found love with social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and Twitter, and new apps on their devices.
Quite a number of bloggers do post frequently, with a remarkable discipline. Some have monetised their blogs by offering photographs, using AdSense, affiliate advertising, etc. and some have blogs as extension to their main sites.
Blogs on information technology, partly automated blogs and blogs run by large groups or corporates are quite regular. A number of blogs with travelogues, routine photography and musings too are very regular. Unlike what came in papers a few days back, we found that most of Indian bloggers we encountered are young – mostly in their 20’s and 30’s.
Except for some, not even highly popular and regular blogs have taken care to design the blogs with care. Some have done a good job in the beginning and never thought of refreshing the dated-looking design.
We had disabled comments for some time and have opened them. We will appreciate your comments and suggestions for good blogs.


  1. This sounds like a great initiative! Am waiting for the post where u wud be discussing guidelines for maintaining a good blog!

    Thanks for including my blog :)

  2. Hi Smita.
    Our first 'tips' post is here.

  3. Hello team,

    Thanks a lot for selecting my blog as one of the Golden ones. I'm not sure if my blog is really qualified for being one of those, as I write for myself. And I am sure there are lot more qualified people blogging out there, but this means a lot to me in terms of motivation to churn out better blog posts.

    Also, keep up the good work in bringing out how-to guides of blogging.

  4. Nice work done. Hope you come out with "quality" blog survey frequently.

  5. Hello "Indian Top Blogs" team!

    First of all thank you for adding my blog "My World My Perception" in the Excellent Blog category!

    I think your team has put in great effort reading and scrutizing blogs and bringing out a list like this. It was much required in Blogosphere.

    Thanks again, I'll surely put ur logo on my blog.



  6. Wow I missed it back then. Just saw I was featured here too. thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

  7. Many thanks for featuring my blog Travel Tales from India.

  8. I actually thought that Blogosphere was a website. LOL. Well its a very good initiative bringing Indian Bloggers together.

    Gr8 Work!

  9. Thanks Vee. We selected you bec we found you good.
    Thanks Prateek for your nice comments and encouragement.
    Thanks Restless for the nice words. We'll not disappoint you.
    Thanks Tiku. You deserved it.
    Mridula, by including you, we didn't do you a favour. You deserve it.
    Hi Truth. Thanks for the kind words.

    We're sorry for being so so late in even responding to friends. We realised this only now as one among us who was to look at comments went abroad and could not do his job. Now that we are all together, we'll talk to you more often.

  10. I learned a very good lesson from this article. I really like this website and hope you will write more. Thanks a lot for your information.

  11. Thanks indeed for the kind words.

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  13. Really well written! You covered so much ground and made it an easy read at the same time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Hi Arena...
    Thanks for the kind words. These keep us going.

  15. I actually thought that Blogosphere was a website. LOL.