Why visitors are not reading my posts? Why is my blog's reputation bad?

Updated: July 2020

Whether your blog is meant for jotting down your routine incidents or has a bigger canvas, you need to follow a few basic principles. The bits of advice that I give here are the basics of blogging, and yet most bloggers take them for granted. The result: the blog does not get traffic, it decays over time, the blogger himself/ herself loses interest and the blog goes down further.

Make these basics your cardinal principles of quality blogging, and see your blog glowing and growing.

1. Content is king. It is a cliché, we know, but also a formula that works hundred percent in the long run. Creating good content needs effort and may not give instant traffic, but in the long term nothing can beat the quality of content. An investment of time and energy in writing a quality post will give you traffic and back links, and also immense satisfaction years later.  [We will come up with a post on what makes great content sometime later.]

2. Be regular even if not creating posts very fast. Compose a post even if you have nothing great to say. Not all posts will be brilliant but the discipline to write a post (say, daily or once a week or on every Sunday morning or on 1st and 15th of each month) must be followed. If you are not happy with a post, you have the liberty to keep it in draft form for the time being and publish it later, after polishing.

In an experiment over a long time, it was found that the blog started receiving more traffic once its posting regularity increased from once a week to 2/3 posts a week.

3. Make the posts readable with breaks. Google says, it loves long posts if there is well-researched content in them. However, long posts are NOT liked by visitors, especially because most of them are visiting the blog through mobile phones and also because they are used to short posts on social networking and chat apps.

The golden mix of long posts and readability is that you should break the posts with images, sub-titles, quotes etc. Keep in mind that these breaks have a direct relation with the text around them: the image should not be unrelated; the sub-titles should tell what comes next.

Keep the paragraphs short. Keep sentences short. Keep thoughts short: I mean, give only a single thought in one paragraph and do not mix thoughts or logic into a complex reading.

blogging basics

4. Do not clutter the blog. Choose a design that not only appeals to the eye, it also helps in easy navigation. Avoid a childish pattern of colors, text, graffiti, photos, sketches etc unless the blog's personality demands that (e.g. an art blog or a child blog). Even then, think twice. Being experimental and playful is not synonymous with looking scatterbrained and confusing.[Which part of blog catches viewers' attention?]

5. Do not post any inappropriate content on the blog. Blog is a public space on the www, and anything that you will not like to share publicly must NOT be published on the blog. Some matters that should be avoided include: private information, private photographs, financial dealings of people and confidential/ private commercial deals, socially inappropriate content such as pornography and nudity, hate and crime content, slanderous/ libelous comments on others, unfair criticism of products, and offer to trade in banned products, narcotics and firearms.

These were some basics. On this link, you can find many more tips on starting a blog and making it successful.


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