Introducing a reference book on all things blogging

You cannot avoid mention of this book when you are talking about blogging in 2020.

Book on BloggingThe Manual is perhaps the first and only such work on blogging - dealing exhaustively with all aspects of blogging: history, concepts, legalities, tips and what not.

The book has been written by Manoj Pandey, an Indian media personality and social media watcher. This is the second edition of the book. Mr Pandey has written another book, The Manual of Social Media, with similar treatment to the topic. He maintains a blog, SocialLogging, in which he carries information and advice on social media, particularly blogging. The term sociallogging seems to have been coined by him.

Produced below is the book blurb.
The Manual of Blogging is a treatise on blogging - the online activity that now encompasses the entire social media and is growing in newer forms year after year.       
Though even writing small posts on micro-blogging sites and putting videos on video-sharing sites are also now called 'blogging', standalone blogs have traveled a long way since being plain  HTML pages on the web.  Some blogs of today are as big as media portals, rich in design and content and with many functionalities including ecommerce. If majority of individual blogs still are web diaries, more and more bloggers now maintain their blogs as online businesses, professional portfolios, even research publications.        
The Manual presents latest information on blogging, explains theoretical concepts, unravels technology, gives time-tested practical advice and discusses social and commercial aspects relating to blogging. Yet the Manual  does not ignore the rich history of blogging or shy away from predicting its future.
A reference book itself, the Manual contains a long list of quality references  and a glossary of terms used in blogging and social networking.        
The Manual is a must for libraries, media institutions, and those interested in blogging and social media in particular and media in general.
The book is available on Amazon, both as print edition and Kindle edition.


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