How simple blogs can promote social cause effectively!

Let's have a look at these two blogs and see how success in blogging need not be just for making money and how we can use the free blogging tools for making a little contribution to the society we live in.

Well, this little post is not on how to become a social entrepreneur or a social activist. It is for illustrating that blogging for a cause need not cost money and that it can be used for supporting society in small ways without spending energy on design, SEO etc. 

These blogs are small in resource use but are big in resources. Both of them are on the free Blogger platform and no effort had been made to even customize the basic theme. Yet, these blogs are contributing their might behind the bloggers towards achieving their goals. 

Anaarkali - The saga of Bhil Adivasi Indigenous People

Rahul Banerjee mostly chronicles the saga of tribal populations though he sometimes digresses to areas not related with it, on this Blogger blog. Calling himself a naturalist and skeptic, Rahul has been relentless in discussing existential issues relating to the tribals and other marginalized sections of the society.

Esha - People for the Blind

Esha is a non-profit organization trying to help the visually challenged people in various ways, especially by spreading awareness about their needs and guiding people in whatever ways they could help the blind. Started by Nidhi Arora, Esha has two full-fledged websites and a good collection of web-resources for the needy, but they have chosen this simple Blogger blog for updating their activities.


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