5 things you must weigh before starting a blog

We recently published a post on how to start a blog and how to maintain it. We also created a slideshow on how to create a great blog in just 30 minutes.

Yet, certain things remained unsaid. For example, what should you consider even before you take a plunge to make a new blog (or website). These are very important because they map your mindset... they let you test whether you have the potential to become a 'successful' blogger in terms of money or storytelling or making an archive or furthering your professional interests or whatever else is your blogging goal. 

We have divided this pre-blogging checklist into 5 segments as follows:

  1. Do you know well the rewards and the pitfalls? Knowing what you can get and at what cost is important before you start blogging.
  2. Do you understand your own strengths and  weaknesses? You must be conscious of your skills / knowledge / energy / time / experience / etc and also what all you lack. Can you overcome the shortcomings?
  3. What is your aim? It could be money or promoting a product or happiness or showing your creations to the world or just keeping a diary. Or many other things.
  4. Are you ready for the rigmarole? Blogging needs discipline and hardwork - are you prepared for that?
  5. Have you done the groundwork? Have you thought of the points given above and thought over your actions over short, medium and long terms?
We have given a quick to-do checklist in this little slideshow: '5 points to weigh before you start a blog'. Do visit it before starting your next blog whether it is your first blog or tenth.


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