How to make a free blog on Google?

Sometime back, we published a post on starting a free blog. In response, we got some queries that show that new bloggers often confuse between .blogger, .blogspot and Google blogs. So comes this post.

Google is not only the biggest search engine, its bouquet has a lot many products and services. Among them is Blogger, a bogging platform, on which you can open any number of blogs, all for free!

When you open a blog on Blogger, you get the blog's name with .blogspot at the end of it. For example, there is a blog with the name

When you make a blog on Blogger, it get as the ending. Interestingly, when you open this very blog in a country where Google has installed a server, you often get the same blog with the country ending! So don't get confused if in India, you get the blog in the above example as

In short, a 'Google blog' is the same as 'Blogger blog' or the one with ending.

Things might look even more confusing if you checked the very first letters of a Google blog: it might have http:// or https:// . Both are the same in the case of Google blogs. The second one is a new and safer version recently started by Google. Instead of getting confused, you should generally avoid typing this part at all. The browser (Chrome / Mozilla / Explorer) will automatically take you to the right version. For example, for the blog in our example, just typing this in the address box will open the blog: (without http://)


Well, in giving you clarity about Google blogs, we forgot to tell you how to make a blog on Google. You just need to go to and follow their instructions. We have already made a slide show and a post on this, which you can visit by clicking here: How to start a blog - a fantastic blog

Hope, you don't face any difficulty in creating a blog after you have gone through the slide show. We ran an 8-part series on special features of Blogger, starting with this one, which will guide you further about Google blogs: Blogger's great features: an introduction.


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