Want a cheap web host for a video blog? Read before you jump!

Paid hosting, you know, is much better than free hosting for blogs and websites. By that logic, if you want lots of videos on your blog or want to have a vblog or vlog outright, you MUST have a self-hosted blog with the facility to host a number of videos.

Add to that, the fact that videos
  • are difficult to edit (and professional editing tools and skills cost a ton),
  • come in different formats and not all open on all computers or mobile devices,
  • cannot be viewed when the computer or mobile phone does not support that format,
  • take a great deal of space (and web space is an expensive commodity),
  • can become unusable when new technology and formats are used by browsers (and converting individual videos and reloading them after a few years is a big job).
Now juxtapose this with the hosting realities:
  • Between the two major free blogging platforms, Blogger allows you to post videos free on your blog; Wordpress (free) does not allow that.
  • Web hosts charge for space (and videos take huge space).
  • Videos need big bandwidth for their playback by users (so, if many users visit your website and play the video, either the site will hang or the host will demand extra payment for more bandwidth).
But there is a ready-made solution from Google, and it is so simple!
video blogging

Host your videos on YouTube

If you have not published your videos on YouTube yet, let me tell you that it is as simple as sending an email. You need to have a Google account and the YouTube is all for you to use. You can upload  videos in many formats and sizes as standalone videos and can have playlists and channels that you can share with others. Each of these have their own URLs, so you can post them the way you post images. In addition, you can embed a video on the blog or any other website (not social networking accounts) so that it plays there itself.

In addition to giving you free space to host your videos, YouTube hosting gives you many other advantages:
  • You earn money when people visit your videos. 
  • You get comments and feedback.
  • You can link your blog and get traffic to the blog.
  • Make channels of videos and let people subscribe to these, getting you more traffic and income.
  • Download free music and sound effects for use in videos.
  • Get detailed analytics of your videos and channels.
  • You can even live stream events after some additional verification by Google.
  • The videos are secure and available 24x7.
  • And much more!
You will realize that his is an enormous facility and yet it does not consume space on your blog or website. So, if you want to open a vblog, have many videos on your blog, or have a website with numerous videos or something similar, think of YouTube first.


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