Free dictionary and thesaurus app online and offline for content creators, bloggers

There are many dictionaries available free on the web. Some are available online and some can be installed on the computer and can be used offline.

free dictionary app

Of course, word processing programs come loaded with a dictionary. For example, Microsoft Office has an in-built dictionary which you can access by right-clicking on a word in Word, Power Point, etc. New versions of MS Office are quite intuitive when it comes to suggesting corrections. MS Word also supplies a list of synonyms through right click. 

But, for writers and serious bloggers, nothing beats a professional thesaurus* that is available to them at all times. That's what prompted us to introduce such a tool, Wordweb, to you. It is a free dictionary app - with great thesaurus inbuilt.

You can download Wordweb from its site free of cost. Once installed, it sits quietly on your system tray and can be called from a document by clicking control+right click! If calling another app from a document feels like a bother, you can keep it open all the time as it does not take much computer memory.

Wordweb gives meanings of words the way a dictionary gives, with nuances, usage tips, examples of usage in a sentence and pronunciation. It also suggests synonyms and antonyms, words with similar dictionary entries and many more related expressions. From there, you can go to the Wordweb online dictionary and Wikipedia too. So, it is an integrated free dictionary and thesaurus for both online and offline use - this is rare among the online only dictionary apps.

Wordweb is available in mobile version / app also. It also has a paid version with higher level of functionalities. 

*: In simple words, thesaurus is a list of synonyms grouped depending on how close they are to the main word. You can jump from one set of synonyms to the other, thus find the best suitable expression to your thought.


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