4 established travel bloggers share their experiences

This post shares experiences of four established travel bloggers. especially during and after Covid 19 pandemic. As one would expect, Covid 19 has disrupted travel bloggers’ routine badly. At the same time, this has given them an opportunity to do maintenance, reflect on their blogging journey and innovate so as to adjust to the new reality. 

Indrani Ghose, of i Share says the pandemic slowed her down but it threw up a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. 

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“I have indulged in bird photography and clicked several hundreds of pictures of different birds. This has kept my Insta feed live with fresh pictures. I have also contributed articles to newspapers. This period of lockdown gave me the opportunity to look back into my old posts, update and repost them and I am really glad about it,” Indrani shares.

Ami Bhat, who runs Thrilling Travel blog, says, “After a very eventful year in 2019, 2020 turned out to be a complete wash-out. The numerous plans and advance bookings had to be dropped owing to the prevailing pandemic. However, that did not mean that virtual tours were not allowed. With the heaps of content that I had been sitting on, my journeys continued through my blog. There were several new destinations that I put out while at the same time, updating my old ones with the most recent information and photographs. Live Instagram and Facebook chats as well as featured talks on platforms like India TV help keep the spirit of travel alive.

“With the world slowly adjusting to the new normal, travel too has resumed with new norms. With the right precautions – like masks and social distancing, I have taken a few weekends out to explore my own backyard.”

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About his immediate plans, she says, “I hope to bring forth more of the hidden gems from our own country through my platform.”

The blogger behind Travelure , Ajay Sood, continues to be active with sharing photography, delivering talks at media conferences, publishing articles and visiting places ‘where architecture is’.

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On his post-Covid-19 plans, Ajay says, “Travel as soon as possible, but happier to be able to get into teaching space where I have now gained interest. So looking forward to more knowledge sessions, and workshops.”

Aravind Gundumane maintains Treks and Travels, a blog that has graduated from treks to family travel. Arvind was in the US when Covid 19 broke out. He was “traveling a lot in the last few years and the COVID situation but a brake to it. I utilized the time to learn a few things that I always wanted to do and researching the places to visit in the future. 

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“I have now slowly started to go out on day trips with enough precautions. I focussed a lot on foreign travels and I consider this as an opportunity to visit places in my own backyard, Karnataka [in India]. Not put much thought on resuming long travels but will see how it goes in the near future.”

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