How to get best SSL certificate free for HTTPS security?

If you are a blogger or owner of a small business website, you need to have SSL certificate implemented on your website so that the website is protected by HTTPS protocol. However, you need not pay for it because a totally free and fully dependable SSL/ TLS certificate is available.

As a blogger or website owner, you would know that the world wide web (www) runs using a protocol called HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP. So, all websites must have an HTTP declaration in their URL.

But it is possible for miscreants to 'phish' or present a shady website as a genuine website. The HTTP protocol is not able to check such illegal actions. Moreover, when the data is transported between your website server and the visitor's internet browser, there are 'sniffer' programs that can read the data. So, there is more and more stress on making the protocol secure. Thus came HTTPS (S in the abbreviation represents 'secure'). Now a majority of websites, including blogs, have this prefix in their URLs.

How do I get a free SSL certificate and which is the best free SSL certificate available?

It is high time to give your blog or website at least the basic HTTPS security if the website still lacks it. If your blog is a self-hosted blog or you own a website, you must get HTTPS certificate without losing time.

HTTPS certificate is given by certification authorities or CAs. You will have to check whether your web host also doubles up as a CA. Initially, most web hosts were charging heavily for providing HTTPS security, but now they have learned to give at least the basic SSL certificate free. Many web hosts are now implementing basic HTTPS on their clients' websites free of cost but you should  read the fine print because in the name of free SSL certificate, they can sometimes load the charge somewhere else. Moreover, the certificate may be free only for the first year and will need to be updated by paying a fee when you renew the web hosting plan.

There is an easy way to get SSL/ TLS certification for free. Lets Encrypt, a free certification authority supported by some top companies, provides it free to websites and self-hosted blogs. The certificate needs to be updated regularly to keep it updated. LetsEncrypt has stated that its certificate is installed on more than 260 million websites, including next-gen database servers.

I have no hesitation in saying that for general purposes LetsEncrypt is the best free SSL  certificate. 

best free SSL certifficate

However, if your website/ blog offers e-commerce services or you provide premium services through registration, this certificate will not be sufficient. Please buy a higher level of certificate from a CA (e.g. Comodo, Symantec, GoDaddy, DigiCert) and implement it through your web host.


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