Releasing the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2020 edition

The 10th edition of the Directory of Best Indian [English] Blogs has been released today, the 30th of May, 2020. The Directory has about 250 Indian English blogs that excel in content quality, regularity and overall blog resources, and meet a minimum design standard. They also show the blogger's commitment to blogging.

We do not claim that there are no other blogs that are not equal to or better than the 'top Indian blogs' listed here, in terms of the main parameters given above. We do miss blogs because we do not come across them despite surfing the blogosphere again and again in search of good blogs. We get hundreds of submissions but many of them are from new bloggers and we feel shy of including very new blogs in the list because our experience shows that most bloggers start ignoring their blogs after an initial phase. Sometimes the bloggers make it very difficult to judge the regularity of blogging (no archive, no time stamp on posts, posts not in chronological order, a complex sitemap that does not allow clean scraping of posts, etc). We are unable to include such blogs, even if they are otherwise outstanding.

We do not include blogs by business entities because they overshadow blogs maintained by individual bloggers and it defeats our purpose of encouraging Indian bloggers who do not have resources enough to compete with corporate blogs. We do, however, include blogs from bloggers who have turned the blog into a business enterprise if the spirit of blogging and the contribution of that individual blogger (or a group of bloggers) still dominate the website/ blog.

Interestingly, most of the blogs in this list of top Indian blogs, which is being updated manually every year for the last 10 years, are not good earners. In fact, most of them are not even remotely monetized. So, this list is way different from blog lists available on the web in which earning is the criterion for calling a blog or blogger 'successful'.

Indian Bloggers List

If you are interested in details about the procedure for submitting a blog for the blog listing and the criteria for selection of blogs. do visit this page: Directory submission: Guidelines and Selection Criteria

If your blog deserves to be in the top Indian blogs list but does not find a place, you can write to us at However, be sure that it meets the selection criteria mentioned in the link above. If you do not display the archive of blog posts on the blog, please also submit a list of posts, date wise, that were published in the last 12 months ending May 2020.

If your blog finds a place in the blog list and you wish to put an ITB badge on your blog, the code is given at the end of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs page.

1. We have recently started accepting guest posts from bloggers. If you are interested, please visit this link: guest post guidelines
2. If blogger friends participate, we can have a buzzing Facebook group on blogging. It will not be like other groups in which people just link their posts and buy/sell links, traffic, cracked themes, etc.
If you want to join a group in which members communicate in an ethical, dignified, healthy, useful way, you can join this group (which was till now run as a closed group and has not been active): ITB will be glad to keep moderating the group.


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