Protect your blog and computer against attacks

During our survey of the blogsphere for quality blogs, we are often faced with sites infected with malware. Thanks to very effective software on our computer, we have been able to detect and block them. We had quite a number of such attacks during the ongoing compilation of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs and so comes this post.

To our bloggers who are not technically oriented and who do not wish to invest thousands of rupees on paid anti-virus programs, we are recommending here four FREE anti-virus programs. Of these, the Microsoft Security Essentials comes free if you have genuine Windows installed on your computer / laptop. Otherwise you can download it from here: Microsoft Security Essentials

All are almost equally good anti-virus programs and also do the job of warding off other malware. Please install only one of these.

Avoid accepting trial versions of proprietory anti-virus programs when they come with a new PC or a new internet account, because they will later ask you to buy it and chances are that they stop updating the program without warning you. An anti-virus program not updated very regularly is as good as dead.

At the time of installing any of these four programs recommended by us, be careful at the time of installation: when the program asks you to install additional programs such as a search engine or a bar on the browser, do not install these programs unless you really need them.

While installing a widget on your blog, please be careful. Blogs get infected mostly through widgets. Use widgets only from reliable sources. Many Hindi blogs have been infected by a widget that claims to popularise blogs.

May we remind you of some best practices to protect your laptop and computer against viruses? Avoid administrative account while surfing; scan portable media [e.g. DVD, pen-drive, portable hard disk] before transferring files; keep the anti-virus program updated and running in the background; avoid emails from unknown senders.

Our recommended programs other than the Microsoft Security Essentials are:


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