Best Indian Blogs in 2018, 2019

This is the latest (8th) edition of the directory of Best Indian Blogs, published every year since 2011. Released on 1st June 2018 and further updated on 31st December 2018, the top blogs' list has about 340 blogs.
  • The listing given below has India's top blogs in alphabetical order [for alphabetization, we use the operative part of the blog's URL]. These blogs have been listed according to their niche in  category-wise list of best blogs.
  • You might find odd capitalization of alphabets in some URLs or titles; this is because we have retained the blog's original form of capitalization except when it is ALL CAPS.
  • You can see the badge linking the Directory, and disclaimer about the Directory, at the end of the listing.
  • If you think, there are some Indian bloggers whose blogs deserve to be in this list but we have missed them, kindly email us or give those blogs' URLs in the contact form. We'd be able to include them in the next listing, to happen in May-June, 2019.

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Inclusion of a blog in this Directory is no certificate from Top Blogs. It is just a listing of blogs that we found to be the best, based on quality, regularity and design parameters - at the time of compilation of the Directory.