Best blogs in India - list of top Indian blogs in English in 2023

Updated on 31/12/2023

This is the latest (13th) edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, published every year since 2011. Released on June 1, 2023 and updated on December 31, 2023, the blog list has about three hundred blogs (in English) maintained by top Indian bloggers. 

Different aspects of selection of blogs for the Directory have been elaborated in the release note issued on June 1, 2023 on the ITB blog. In the present page, let us just tell about the blogs in the Directory.

top indian blogs 2023

1. Blogs have been arranged alphabetically. The identifying part of a blog's URL has been taken for indexing purpose. 

2. We have taken care to give the correct title of each blog against its entry in the blog list. However, when a blog has many titles (one in metadata, another on the top title-bar, sometimes yet another as a text image or logo), we have chosen the one that best describes the blog. We will make change if a blogger wants a more relevant of the available titles to be shown in the blog listing.

3. We are open to adding new blogs even after release of a particular edition of the Directory. However, the blog must meet our selection criteria (given on the sidebar/resource links of the blog). If you want to contact us for inclusion of a blog in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, please drop an email at:

Here is the listing of top Indian blogs in 2023 in English:

5paisa - 5paisa
abha.mondal - The Blissful Aura
abhijitbhaduri - Abhijit Bhaduri
aeshasmusings - Aesha's Musings
afewhandpickedthings - A Few Handpicked Things in Life
allaboutil - Indian Blog of International Law
allusefulinfo - All Useful Info
alokeshgupta - radioactivity
anitaexplorer - The Explorer of Miracles
anthropologyindiaforum - United Indian Anthropology Forum
anuradhagoyal - Anuradha Goyal
apotpourriofvestiges - A Potpourri of Vestiges
aravindgundumane - Treks and Travels
ashokism - Ashokism…
askvg - AskVJ
auraofthoughts - Aura of Thoughts
avibrantpalette -A Vibrant Palette
b00kr3vi3ws - Book Review Tours
bakewithshivesh - Bake with Sivesh
baradwajrangan - Baradwaj Rangan
barandbench - Bar and Bench
basunivesh - BasuNivesh
beautyandfashionfreaks - Beauty and Fashion Freaks
beontheroad - Be on the Road
blogsikka - Parenting While Traveling
blogtobollywood - Blog to Bollywood
bohemianbibliophile - Bohemian Bibliophile
bollywoodmascot - Bollywood mascot
bookedforlife - Booked for Life
bookfoodlanguage - Book Food Language
bookishelf - The Bookish Elf
bookreviewscafe - Book Reviews Cafe
bookscharming - Books Charming
booxoul - Booxoul
bpradeepnair - Time and Tide
buddymantra - Buddy Mantra
chitrasfoodbook -Chitra's Food Book
christinepemberton - Delhi Diary
ciiblog - CII blog
coffeetablescience - Coffee Table Science
cognitiontoday - Cognition Today
compulsiveconfessions - The Compulsive Confessor
craniumbolts - Cranium Bolts
decorchamp - Decor Champ
deepak-indianhistory - Indian History
deepties - Deep Ties
deeshaa - Atanu Dey on India's Development
deeshaa - Atanu Dey
defencestar - defence star
desicreative - Desi Creative
digibharata - Digi Bharata
digitalsushma - Digital Sushma
downtoearth - DownToEarth
drishtiias - Drishti IAS Blog
drishtikone - drishtikone
edtechreview - Education Technology
efghfoods - Eat for Good Health
enidhi - eNidhi India
enrouteindianhistory - Enroute Cultural and Heritage Blogs
erratica - Erratica
everydaygyaan - Everyday Gyaan
findhealthtips - Find Health Tips
finology - FINOLOGY Blog
fonearena - fonearena
footloosedev - FootLoose Dev
fridaynirvanafilm - Amodini's Movie Reviews
gauravtiwari - Gaurav Tiwari
giveindia - give
gleefulblogger - Gleefulblogger
godofsmallthing - God of Small Thing
goodreturns - good returns
google - Google India Blog
gorgeouslyflawed - Gorgeously Flawed
graciousposts - Graciousposts
gtricks - GTRICKS
guidingtech - Guiding Tech
happinessandfood - Happiness and Food
happinesscreativity - Happiness Creativity
healthwealthbridge - Healthwealthbridge
hebbarskitchen - Hebbars Kitchen
hellboundbloggers - Hellbound Bloggers
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
holycowvegan - Holy Cow!
homecookingempire - Home Cooking Empire
homecynhome - Home Cyn Home
homedecorexpert - Home Decor Expert
houseofbakchodi - House of Bakchodi
ibef - India ADDA
ibooksta - ibooksta
idrw - Indian Defence Research Wing
igeeksblog - iGEEKSBLOG
iimb - IIMB blog
ilovefreesoftware - ilovefreesoftware
indconlawphil - Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy
indiacorplaw - IndiaCorpLaw
indianautosblog - Indian Autos Blog
indianbookcritics - Indian Book Critics
indiandefencereview - IDR bkig
indiandefensenews - Indian Defence News
indianeagle - Travel Diary
indianexpress - Indian Express parenting blog
indianholiday - India Travel Blog
indianpanoramablog - Indian Panorama
indianphilosophyblog - The Indian Philosophy Blog
indianweb2 - Indian Web2
indiastrategic - India Strategic
indiatales - indiatales
investindia - Invest India
investyadnya - investvadnya
ipleadersblog - iPleaders
isha.sadhguru - Sadhguru
itslife - itslife
jagoinvestor - JagoInvestor
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
jaisjottings - Jai's Jottings
jambudweepam - Life is Like This
jayashankarrakhi - Holistic Wellness with RJ
jewelsofsayuri - Jewels of Sayuri
jugglebandhi - Juggle-Bandhi
kamadenu - Krishna for Today
kannammacooks - Kannamma Cooks
karnatakatravel - Journeys across Karnataka
keveinbooksnreviews - Kevein Books and Reviews
khetigaadi - KhetiGaadi
khyatigautam -Bookish Fame
kidsstoppress - Kidsstoppress
kiransawhney - Kiran Sawhney
kjsingh - Lt General K J Singh Blogs
kreativemommy - Kreativemommy
lalitharamanathan - Lalitha Ramanathan
lassiwithlavina - Lassi with Lavina
lawandotherthings - Law and Other Things
lawctopus - Lawctopus
leverageedu - Wings
lgiyer - Lakshmi Iyer
lifemarbles - Life Marbles
lifeofsrish - Life of Srish
lifestylesimplify - LifestyleSimplify
littleindiaofdenver - Little India
madscookhouse - Mads' Cookhouse
mahevashmuses - Mahevash Muses
makeupandbeauty - Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog
makeupandbeautyblog - Makeup Review And Beauty Blog
matheikal - Tomichan Matheikal's blog
memeraki - Meraki Blog
milliblog - Milliblog!
missbookthief - Asha Seth
missmalini - Miss Malini
moderngypsy - Modern Gypsy
moneyconnexion - Money Connexuion
moneyexcel - MoneyExcel
monkprayogshalablog - Monk Prayogshala
morningstar - Morningstar
mothersgurukul - Mothers Gurukul
mumbai-eyed - Mumbai Daily
mumbaikarsperspective - A Mumbikar's Perspective
mybeautygym - MyBeautyGym
mygov - MyGov Blog
myinvestmentideas - Myinvestmentideas
mysoultalks - My Soultalks
nagendrabharathi - Nagendra Bharathi
namasteui - Namaste UI
natashamusing - Natasha Musing
newbooksreviewer - New Books Reviewer
newsilike - Newsilike
newsphilosophy - Philosophy News in India
nishitak - Nishita's Rants and Raves
nooranandchawla - Noor Anand Chawla
onecentatatime - One Cent at a Time
onehotstove - One Hot Stove
outsetbooks - Outset
pickyeaterblog - The PICKY Eater
pikturenama - Picturenama
pinkvilla - PINKVILLA
piunikaweb - PiunikaWeb
pixelatedtales - Destiny's Child
praguntatwa - Sun-Sea-Soil-Sky
pratsmusings - Prats Musings
railmitra - Rail Mitra
raisingchildren101 - Raising Children 101
rajeevianlinesandverses - Spontaneous Overflow
rakskitchen - Rak's kitchen
ramanisblog - Ramanis Blog
ranjanascraftblog - Ranjana's Craft Blog
rarediseasesblog - IORD
reviewbybookworms -Bookworm's Reviews
reviews-redpillows - Red Pillows
revolvingcompass - A Revolving Compass…
ridingtheelephant - Riding the Elephant
riflerangeboy - Rifle Range Boy
riflerangeboy - Rifle Range Boy
right-and-wrong - Right & Wrong
roadtodivinity - Road to Divinity
rohitbhargava - Influential Marketing Blog
romancingtheplanet - Romancing the Planet
rootupdate - Root Update
rpdeans - DeansMusings
ruminations - Ruminations
rupamsarma - rupam sarma
sabyreviews - Saby Reviews
safalniveshak - Safal Niveshak
sanitydaily - Sanity Daily
sarathbabu - Sarath Babu's Lifestyle Blog
sg-shootthebreeze - Shoot the Breeze
shailsnest - Shail's Nest
sharmispassions - Sharmis Passions
skincarevilla - Skincare Villa
socialmaharaj - Social Maharaj
soniasmusings - Sonia's Musings
soravjain - Digital Marketing Blog India
speaking-tree - Speaking Tree
spec-india - SPEC India Blog
spinny - Spinny
sqlauthority - Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal…
srbachchan - Bachan Bol
sreedharb - Reflecting on Life
srinivasa - Dr. Kembai Srinivasa Rao
stableinvestor - Stable Investor
storywala - Storywala
sunbyanyname - Sunbyanyname
surbhiprapanna - Welcome to Surbhi's Crazy Creative World
suvratk - Rapid Uplift
Swaminomics - Swaminomics
swikblog - Swikriti's Blog
taleof2backpackers - Offbeat and Untold
talesofanomad - Tales Of A Nomad
tattoosera - Tattoos Era
techblogcorner - TechBlogCorner
techcrackblog - Tech Crack
techfeatured - Tech Featured
techgyd - TechGYD
techgyo - TechGYO
techlila - TechLila
techlomedia - TechloMedia
techmahindra - Tech Mahindra
technosamigos - Technos Amigos
technotrait - Technotrait
techplugged - Tech Plugged
techpp - Techology Personalized!
telecomtalk - Telecom Talk
thatgoangirl - That Goan Girl
The-underage-optimist - The Underage Optimist
thebookdecoder - The Book Decoder
thecommonmanspeaks - The Common Man Speaks
thecrazyprogrammer - The Crazy Programmer
thedelhiwalla - The Delhi Walla
theguidex - TheGuideX
theindianlawyerblog - The Indian Lawyer
theleapjournal - The Leap Blog
thepinkvelvetblog - The Pink Velvet Blog
thesportsmanwritesaway - ritesh.misra
thetravelcurry - The Travel Curry
thewhimsybookworm - The Whimsy Bookworm
thinkerviews - ThinkerViews
thirdeye007blog - My Third Eye Vision...
thrillingtravel - Thrilling Travel
tipsclear - Tips Clear
tourmyindia - India Travel & Tourism Blog
tractorguru - Tractor Guru
trak -
travellingcamera -
travelmax - travelmax
travelogyindia - Travelogy India
travelshoebum - The Bum Who Travels
trawellblog - Trawell
trendpickle - TrendPickle
trendtofit - TrendToFit
tripleamommy - Mom: AAA+ -With a positive outlook
trulyyoursroma - Truly Yours Roma
trumatter - Truematter
truth-lies-and-politics - Truth, Lies and Politics
ttrammohan - The Big Picture
tusktravel - Tusk Travel
updateland - Updateland
veganricha - Vegan Richa
vidhikarya - Legal Blogs India
vidhilegalpolicy - VIDHI Blog
vidhyathakkar - Vidhya Thakkar
vidyasury - Vidya Sury
viflick - Vi Flick
vinithadileep - Reflections
vinodekbote - Vinod Ekbote
viralbake - Viral Bake
vishytheknight - Vishy's Blog
wigglingpen - WigglingPen
wordsmithkaur - Wordsmith Kaur
Wordsopedia - wordsopedia - Wordsopedia
wri-india - WRI India blogs
zarahatkeblog -zarahatkeblog
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