Submitting a website / blog to ITB

October 4, 2015 update
We have suspended detailed review of blogs. We'll announce it when we re-start accepting requests for blog review.  

Welcome to this page. We, the ITB team members, are always glad to connect to fellow bloggers.  

You can submit your blog / website to ITB for one or more of the following. All submissions are free of charge.

1. For inclusion in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs [only Indian blogs] and the Directory of Best Hindi blogs [from anywhere]
2. For a quick review of your bog or website 
3. For showcasing your blog on Indian Top Blogs 

1.  For inclusion in the Directories of Best Blogs

A blog need not be submitted for its ranking or inclusion in a blog directory. Yet, since we may sometime not discover the blog on our own, it helps if a blog is suggested to us for inclusion in blog directories.
For bringing a deserving blog to our notice for a directory, do email its URL to

2. For quick review of your bog or website 

We are currently accepting requests for quick review of blogs. These reviews give you a glimpse of what can be done easily to improve your blog further. In quick reviews, we won't be able to give detailed advice on different aspects of blogging and solutions to problems noticed. Our post on how to submit blog for a quick review still holds good.

3. For showcasing your blog on Indian Top Blogs

On this post, we have given guidelines for submitting a blog for showcase.