Submitting a website / blog to ITB

August 12, 2014 update
We have suspended detailed review of blogs (point 2 below). We'll announce it when we re-start accepting requests for blog review. We are requesting dear bloggers to give suggestions on our latest proposal for re-starting the detailed review.  

Welcome to this page. We, the ITB team members, are happy to be associated with you.  

Do submit your blog / website for one or more of the following. All submissions are free of charge.

1. For inclusion in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs [only Indian blogs] and the Directory of Best Hindi blogs
2. For detailed review of your bog or website 
3. For showcasing your blog on Indian Top Blogs 

1.  For inclusion in the Directories of Best Blogs

A blog need not be submitted for its ranking or inclusion in a blog directory. Yet, since we may not discover the blog on our own, it helps if a blog is suggested to us for inclusion in blog directories.
For bringing a deserving blog to our notice for a directory, do email its URL to
If you send your blog for review or showcase, you need not send it for inclusion in a directory. During the review, if we find your blog meeting our criteria, we will put your blog automatically in the relevant directory. All the blogs already in blog directories are automatically re-examined for the next issue.

2. For detailed review of your bog or website 

Indian Top Blogs reviews Indian as well as non-Indian blogs and websites for content, design, interactivity, scheduling and other aspects that have a bearing on the quality of any blog. The expert advice given by us since February 2011 has helped many bloggers in improving their blogs in small ways but with good impact. We may also give you some off-the-cuff technical advice but, let us admit, that is not our forte. We are, as of now, not in a position to give detailed advice on search engine optimisation (SEO), and we do not intend to give half-baked advice.

What are the charges? Are there some hidden / future costs or obligations?
As of now, we do not charge for any service given through the Indian Top Blogs such as including a blog in Indian blog rankings or directories. That applies to blog reviews too. However, as said in this post, we intend to charge a small sum for detailed review of blogs, but we are yet to take a decision on that.

What does one do to get a blog reviewed by Indian Top Blogs?
1. Do put the small, unobtrusive, reviewed by Indian Top Blogs icon on your blog. You can do this very easily by pasting the code given below in an HTML/ Javascript widget of your blog.  We'll appreciate if you let the icon remain on your blog after the review process is over.

<a href=""><img src="" style="border: 0;" /></a>

2. Send an email to : In the email, please write the address [URL] of your blog and give a proof that the blog belongs to you. If your email ID is given on the blog, refer to it or tell us an alternate method to confirm your ownership of the blog.
That's all.

How many blogs can one submit?
Only one please! We're unable to cope with the rush.

3. For showcasing your blog on Indian Top Blogs

Not to make the present post unwieldy, we have given guidelines for submitting a blog for showcase here.