May 30, 2016

Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2015-16 edition is out!

The 2015-16 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs is in your hands.  

This sixth edition of the Directory has 306 blogs. Out of the previous edition, as many as 52 blogs have gone out but an equal number of new blogs have checked in. If something has remained constant, it is the minimum standards of content quality, design (including navigation) and updation. 

As before, we have winked at the look & feel aspects when we found the blog doing a good service to the blogosphere by way of good information, debate and advice.
Blogs have arranged according to the operative part of the blog's URL. The category-wise version of the Directory will come out later.

You can visit the Directory at the following link:

For bloggers whose blogs are listed in the blog directory:
You may consider putting the badge as seen above on your blog. This is purely voluntary. For putting the badge on your blog, copy the html code given in blue text below and paste it somewhere in a post (if you can edit the post in html view) or in an html gadget/ widget.
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Inclusion of a blog in this Directory is no certificate from ITB. We cannot be held responsible for any harm due to a blog’s inclusion in this Directory. We also do not take responsibility for any inappropriate content of any type including defamation, plagiarism, use of inappropriate text and audio-visual material, etc carried by any blog listed in the Directory, though at the time of Directory compilation, we took due care not to include blogs with inappropriate content in the Directory.

If your blog is in the Directory and you don’t want it here for any reason, do tell us and we will immediately unburden you of the listing.

May 25, 2016

Have Indian blogs changed in the last one year? For better?

The compilation of the 2015-16 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs is in full swing. The directory will come out on 30th May, as in the past.

Some observations on Indian blogosphere, now that we have passed the stage of scouring it to find the best blogs.

  • The Indian English blogosphere remains as active as before, only slightly more. This despite the onslaught of Facebook and WhatsApp in the Indian social scene.  Blogs are also more linked with social network accounts.
  • Technology blogs are coming up in large numbers but not many go beyond the experimentation stage of about six months. Out of those remaining active for longer periods, most give quick posts on gadgets or shell out routine tips. Only a few quality tech blogs seem to be doing well.
  • Majority of good blogs keep updating at a steady pace; but only a few change their look and feel.
  • The trend of making money from blogs continues, though not as professionally as blogs in the western countries. AdSense remains the most popular means of monetization.
  • Blogs in some categories such as food, tech and beauty & fashion seem to be doing well. People open blogs in these niches with the intent to make money, as against personal blogs: that seems to be keeping them motivated to generate good content, constantly improve design, optimize the blog and socialize. 
  • Like we have seen in the last 6 years, a number of established blogs also turn dull or go out of circulation. Most such blogs are personal blogs or those commenting on all things political / social. 
  • Blogs that are not active in terms of content updation and engagement are losing to social networks (Facebook etc) fast.
  • A few blogs have evolved into websites and the blog is now part of that. Some bloggers have, perhaps to make their blog look sleek and modern, removed their bloggy look altogether. We get a feeling that the 'evolution' is retrograde, unwise, in most such cases. That reminds us of an earlier post of ours on whether it is advisable to give website-like look to the blog.
  • We'd be able to give exact number of new entries into and exclusions from 2014-15 edition, when we announce the new edition. Many of those being dropped have not been updated regularly; some no longer act like blogs but websites; a few have fallen prey to harmful widgets from the web; some have been removed or have become private; at least one has got mingled up during change from Blogger to Wordpress; one blog in the previous edition of the directory has been hacked. A few good blogs that had gone out of the directory in 2014-15 after being in it in the previous years have come back. 

That's all for now. Do visit us on 30th May to find which were the best Indian blogs in the last one year.

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