August 4, 2015

Thank God, she has quit blogging.

A beautiful friend maintained an equally beautiful blog. Once she even asked us for blogging advice which we gave, but she did not intend to use that. She quit blogging last week. So this story is fresh from the oven. 

We'll talk about her beauty later; for now let's talk of the blog.

She wrote a couple of posts everyday, and did that religiously for three long years. At the end, she had a massively resourceful blog with over two thousand posts. Other than some technology / gadget / news blogs, we are yet to see blogs with those many posts. 

Her blog was a show-piece. She was there in every part of it, with photos in every conceivable pose. There were colourful widgets in two sidebars and the bottom. Almost all posts had she painting nails or combing hair or applying lipstick or patting her dog or posing before a monument.

What gave you the time and energy to carry on for such a long time with such regularity, we asked.
"Sheer passion," she said. "I put my heart into whatever I do." We know that. She has earlier put all her heart into gardening, then horse-riding, then yoga, then handicraft... Poor heart of hers!  

We have browsed a few dozen of her posts. They come direct from heart but have no meat. We had earlier discovered only English errors but now we looked at the content; it was all about herself, her 'sweet doggie', her nails, her saris and blouses, her sandals, her this, her that. Almost everyday, she rang up one of her friends to tell them how great she had written that day. Friends would comment with 'nice post' or 'you are looking exceptionally beautiful' or 'from where did you buy ...'.

But when she left blogging last week, we thought she had finally got bored of it all, or maybe she had seen the futility of talking only about herself. That was not the case, she said. "Blogging, you know, is after all such a slow medium. I have joined Facebook, and see how many friends I have made!"

One of us visited her Facebook timeline only yesterday (and that prompted this post). It is really impressive: she now posts at least half a dozen times a day and she has been doing so simultaneously with blogging, for the last six months. As well-wishers, we are going to suggest to her to switch over to Twitter before she discovers that Facebook is too slow for her. 

Are you one of such passionate bloggers who put their heart into blogging? Stop blogging before it is too late!

Blogging is not really for chatting, as there are much more instant platforms now available. Blogging is a 'serious' business, isn't it?

July 31, 2015

Platinum list of Indian topmost blogs for 2014-15 is out!

Friends, here we are with our Platinum Rankings for 2014-15. 

Platinum is one of the 'noble' metals. It is more stable, corrosion resistant and ductile than gold and silver, the other noble metals. It is rare and expensive too. So are our platinum blogs: stable, full of valuable resources, and not cheap in looks and monetisation. Of course, we cannot compare a blog on economics or book reviews with that on fashion or food, but within their genres each is a topper. 

This happens to be the fifth edition of this listing. As in the past, some blogs have lost and some others have entered the list. The listing contains 30 blogs. In addition, there are 7 blogs from blogging platforms of Indian portals (somehow only from hindustantimes, timesofindia this time). These have been listed separately, as on such platforms the blogger does not have control over design and navigation. 

We are going to separately list collective blogs in the Directory of best Indian Blogs. So, expect one or two such blogs finding a place in the platinum listing too. That will take some time.

Hope, you agree that each of these blogs deserves to be here. If you think, some equally deserving blog has been left out, please bring that to our notice so that we make the amends.

abhijitbhaduri Abhijit Bhaduri
alkagurha Free Bird
anindiansummer-design an indian summer
baradwajrangan Baradwaj Rangan
bhagwad Expressions - Bhagwad Jal Park
bongcookbook Bong Mom's CookBook
elixirofknowledge Elixir of Knowledge
fashion-bombay Fashion Bombay
freefincal Free Personal Finance Calculators
highheelconfidential high heel confidential
inditales inditales
jaiarjun Jabberwock
joshidaniel Joshi Daniel Photography
lakshmisharath A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker
lassiwithlavina Lassi with Lavina
lighthouseinsights Lighthouse Insights
onehotstove One Hot Stove
peskypiksipesternomi Tabula Rasa
preetishenoy Much Love!
readingonarainyday Reading on a Rainy Day
sqlauthority Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
stylefashionetc Style Fashion etc
subramoney Subramoney
thasneencooking Cooking with Thas
thatandthisinmumbai My Favourite Things
the-shooting-star The Shooting Star
traveholic Itchy Feet
veganricha Vegan Richa

portal blogs:

citycitybangbang City City Bang Bang
cursor Cursor
dabs-and-jabs Dabs & Jabs
download-central Download Central
extraordinaryissue Extraordinary Issue
randomaccess Random Access
Swaminomics Swaminomics