November 25, 2014

Clean India Campaign: we'd review blogs in coming days

Thanks to all who joined our short Clean India Campaign. 

It was a good diversion from our core activity, Yet, we received some good pledges. We'd review all blogs associated with the campaigns and review those with the best pledges in detail. We'd keep the reviews confidential.

In the meantime, we got busy surveying the blogosphere and checking the existing blogs in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, for mid-year review of the Directory. So, the blog reviews might take some time to reach some bloggers.

As we did not receive many pledges, we'd not announce 'best' pledges etc.

Best of blogging, friends!

November 22, 2014

Blogger features: search, language, feed and contact form

This is the last post in this series on Blogger's great features. The complete list of these posts is given at the end of this post.

Create a search engine for your site

Have you seen a simple search box in the right column of You can easily put similar or a more complex search gadget (=widget) on your Blogger blog. In addition, you can customise this gadget to search only your website, linked sites or the entire www. You can make the search gadget here. You can put this gadget on any website and also on a free non-Blogger blog if that platform allows you to place an html gadget on the blog.

Want to have tools and tool-tips in your own language?

On the top right hand of your Blogger dashboard, there is an option to change language from the standard English. If you change that to Arabic, Bangla, Hindi or Russian, you will then get tools, tips etc in the language that you selected. However, if you want to write posts or pages in a particular language, you will have to change the language in the editor for that post/page.

Adding feed on your blog and taking your blog's feed elsewhere

Feed in internet terms refers to updated information coming from web-sources, e.g. post updates from blogs, and news headlines from a news portal. 

If you want to automatically list 'latest posts' or 'latest comments' from your blog on that very blog, or updates from any other website, use the 'Feed' gadget. You just have to post the URL of that site. If you want feed from your blog to be shown elsewhere (e.g. on another blog), you need to place the feed URL of the blog on the other place. On another Blogger blog, you need to place the URL in the 'Feed' gadget of that blog. The URL of a Blogger blog's feed has the following structure:

For feed of blog posts (It will give list of latest posts):

For feed of blog labels (It will give list of latest comments):

Why not have an instant contact form on the blog?

Blogger has a gadget for putting a contact form on the blog. This gadget has a text box where visitors can leave their identity and message, and you get the messages in your email!

Some third-party contact forms are reported to steal your identity for their purposes, so we advise you to use Blogger's inbuilt contact form. At present, it comes as the top gadget when you go to 'Layout', click on 'Add a Gadget' and then on 'More Gadgets'.

All posts in this series:
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