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Blog archiving basics-II

by Indian Top Blogs This is the second post in the archiving series. You can see here the first post on blog archiving . If you have landed here directly, we'd recommend that you read that post before reading the present one. Displaying blog archives: keep it simple yet effective You can display archives on the blog in many ways. Some bloggers choose to keep a separate page for archives and put individual posts manually on this page. But this is seldom the most efficient way of managing and displaying archives.  Archive display is better done using an automated system, i.e. by using a widget. We list below the most common ways in which archives are displayed on blogs: a. A box stating ‘archives’ or ‘select month’ or something like that. When you click on it, you get a drop-down list. This saves space and is very unobtrusive. However, the list collapses after you click on a link in the list, and you need to re-open the list. Many visitors find this need for rep

Blog archiving basics - I

by Indian Top Blogs What archive display should I use on my blog? I have put posts in all relevant categories, so why should I have a blog archive at all? I like to put posts in a manually run archives page; why should I go for an automated one? We are posed many such questions by bloggers. We thought, instead of replying to these questions, we'd rather engage our visitors in a detailed discussion on blog archive display so that they consider all pros and cons and take the best decision for their blog. So comes this 2-part series on blog/ website archiving. Importance of archiving for blogs and other websites ' Archiving ' for this discussion would mean ‘compilation and storage of old records and their display on the website’.  The archive is the sum total of resources crated over time and arranged properly so that they can be retrieved without confusion. Blogs, more than other websites, MUST have a proper archiving system since the key content in blog