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Blogging mistakes that many new bloggers make

Thoroughly updated: November 2020 This is sequel to our post on ' How to start a blog '. If you have not yet made a blog, do read that and take action, and then come back. In addition, we have posted an article ' 9 Blogging myths that bloggers must avoid '. We suggest that you read both the articles together so that intentional or inadvertent mistakes do not come in the way of your nurturing the new blog into a big, reputed blog. If you already have a blog, you can cover most of the lost ground by following best practices and undoing the mistakes.   Blogging mistakes that beginners and new bloggers make.   1. Bad URL, bad bog title, bad blog description. On the web, you can see numerous examples of bad blog meta data or basic information. Many bloggers start with giving the blog a domain name that is not related with its subject or is difficult to remember. They also give it an irrelevant title and a lengthy (but value-less) description.  These are not BIG blo

Blogs valuable as historical archives, says researcher

Not many of us might have seen a research paper on the value of blogs as historical archives, by Dr Deborah Gabriel. So we thought, let's share it with blogger friends this week. The paper analyses blogs by African Caribbean bloggers living in the UK and finds that blogs pay an important role in capturing key historical moments as they help generate new levels of understanding on the experiences of racial minorities.  To further quote the paper, Blogs function as an important medium that enables African Caribbean people to create and interpret events as counter-narratives in opposition to dominant discourses. This is of major significance since power and privilege are unevenly distributed across all cultural and social arenas and as such can only be challenged through ‘democratic practice’... The findings demonstrate that the bloggers featured in this study appropriate blogs as a medium for self-representation, leading to the cultivation of symbolic power through their own

Create your first blog and make it fantastic

On ITB we have generally been addressing bloggers who already have opened a blog. This post is for those who’d like to start a blog for their own self, kids, parents, grand parents, a group, a company or an organization . WHY SHOULD I BLOG AND WHAT WILL I GAIN FROM BLOGGING? We have discussed the following topics that come naturally when you think of starting a blog, so we won’t repeat them but have just linked them from here: How is a blog different from a website ?  Is my blog of any consequence ? Can blogging fulfill our small dreams and make us happy ? I have a Facebook account. Why should I blog? In what ways is a blog a superior web property than an account on social networking sites (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc)? What is the range of topics on which I can blog ?  What age is too early for blogging? BLOGGING FOR BEGINNERS Let's go straight to blogging. Let's try to answer ‘How can I make my own blog?’ Making a blog is as simple as o