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10 practical and proven blogging tips that succeed

If you are a new blogger who has started blogging in later part of 2016 or will open a blog in 2017, you might have looked on the web for tips for new bloggers. Of all tips that you see, many would have become ineffective, if not totally irrelevant, if the tip-giver has not updated his advice. We bring you a list of top tips that are effective as of 2017. Take the right steps and succeed as a blogger! 1. Free blogs on Blogger and Wordpress (not blogs created using CMS) rule the blogosphere.  You might have found some [successful] bloggers advising that you must buy a hosting plan to succeed as a blogger. They are saying this mostly because they have affiliation with some web hosting company/ domain registrar. The fact is that almost all hobby/ personal blogs and many well-monetized blogs are on these free platforms. All blogs using Blogger or Wordpress do not have or as the suffix of their URLs. (ITB is one of them!) So, if yo