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On the blog, should you have more posts or pages?

We received a query on Quora, How do I know when to post an article into the website page or post it as a blog post? Then a blogger posted this query on an ITB post, Whether we should have pages or posts on a blog that is not too frequently required to be updated. We thought, let's have some discussion around the topic of 'blog post versus blog page' so that the matter gets clarified. The concept of post is inherent in the concept of blogging. Pages arrived when the need for some static content was felt. So, different platforms have their own definition of what is a page and what's a post. O ver the years, a lot of convergence has taken place among platforms but at the same time, the concept of pages, posts and blogs has widened to include all types of long-form content that is regularly updated .  All things considered, t here are some common properties that differentiate blog pages and blog posts on major platforms and on blogs independent of blogging platfo

Professional blogging and social media presence show you are an authority!

P eople look at your digital footprin t to judge your value "Does he have a blog? How good is his LinkedIn profile? What does he tweet and how big is his following?" These are some of the questions people looking out for experts in a field are likely to ask. HR managers and HR firms in the look out for senior level advisors/ consultants and all levels of employees also are asking these questions more and more .  Some years back, web presence of an expert started to be seen as supplementary information. Now, some HR firms say, they use one's social media profile as first source of information for judging a person's suitability for a job or an assignment. Being an expert blogg er in a field of specialization gets the b logger the tag of authority when he constantly works on it and proves it through the blog and other means (tutorials, ebooks, guestposts , etc).  You could be an expert (and then an authority ) on any subject however commonplace or speci

6 blogger worries and how to conquer them

Most bloggers, especially when they start a blog and are in the first few months of blogging, develop self-doubt about their capability and fears of myriad kind. Some bloggers keep worrying when despite their best efforts, the blog does not succeed the way they had envisioned. Some fears and a bit of anxiety are acceptable as they prod you to remain alert and active. However, they pull you down when baseless and excessive. Or when they blunt your creativity or urge to grow. We have grouped bloggers' worries into six groups as we found that most worries can be bundled in these groups. Let's see whether these are baseless or symptomatic of some serious problem. 1. Am I wasting my time in blogging? I am not earning enough in comparison to the effort I put in blogging. Is blogging helping me achieve my goal? Have I not spent too much time/ effort/ money on blogging, which would have given me much more than what I'm getting from it? Should I keep publishing