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Should you avoid plugins on the blog?

This article applies to Wordpress free/ personal/ premium/ business blogs as well as blogs created with CMS. Wordpress bloggers are fascinated with plugins because these little bits of software can add great functionality to the blog, ranging from improving SEO to installing a beautiful comment box to what not. And in most cases, you don't need to know coding at all. Yes, plugins are a wonderful way to add great things to the blog, which you cannot do without knowing a lot of PHP - the computer language used by Wordpress. Moreover, a number of plugins are free. Wordpress offers more plugins and allows you to install third-party plugins as you go for paid plans. On Wordpress-created self-hosted blogs, you can install plugins by dozens. For self-hosted blogs on Wordpress CMS, the number of plugins available is growing by the day. Its depository already has around 52,000 plugins! In all, plugins are such an important part of Wordpress ecosystem that withou

India's best art, craft, DIY and decor blogs

Updated: January 2021 Art and craft blogs by Indians are hard to come by, nor are there more than a couple cartoon blogs that are regular and well designed. Many artists or art lovers create a blog but either leave it unattended or become irregular in updating it. There are only a few DIY blogs maintained by Indians. Out of all that are present, just a few blogs are worth mentioning and we bring them to you here. Art blogging There are thousands of blogs on the web on visual arts including drawing and painting, design, decor and craft. Some art blogs are well-established and earn handsomely. If you type "top art blogs" or "art and craft blogs" on Google, you get numerous listings, some with corporate websites and buy-sell platforms but also some outstanding art blogs by individuals and institutions. Artists, being highly creative in their field and immersed in their work, often lose sight of how blogging can help them in many ways. Some artists, however, have disco

Blogger blogs and SEO: Does Google disfavor blogger blogs?

On a Facebook Group on blogging, someone created doubt recently whether Google gives low value to blogs hosted on its own Blogger platform just to prove a point before enforcement authorities that it does not favor people using its services. It looks logical, going by numerous court cases and questioning from national IT authorities such companies have to face globally, relating to anti-trust, monopolistic or restrictive practices. Or is it illogical? Specifically, we saw the following arguments during discussion on that group: Google deprecates Blogger blogs when it comes to its search preferences. Blogger blogs that retain .blogspot ending are thought of as not too authoritative sites. Google favors Wordpress blogs over Blogger blogs, for some curious reason. In any case, search engines think low of blogs unless the blogs are maintained as regular websites. I, or my colleagues here at ITB, have no clue about Google deprecating .blogspot blogs. And we believe, it won'

Food bloggers, apply Google's new feature 'badges' to get more traffic

You can add new markup to your site or blog so that they are better discovered on Google visual search With the latest offer , Google has given a facility to showcase recipes on Google app on Android and mobile web by using a 'badge' feature. The badge on the image of your recipe prompts the searcher to visit your blog. That's it! What it means is (I'm using Google's own example) that if someone does an image search for cupcakes on Google on his mobile phone, he will get a badge on the bottom left corner of thumbnails which tells about the image's category and options available from there. So, if one sees a type of cupcake with a badge 'recipe' on it and clicks on it, he will be taken to the recipe to make that cake. This added good user experience is likely to drive traffic to the website or blog from which the image is sourced. As a blogger or website owner, what you have to do is to apply recipe markup to your pages so that your  images get t