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Hashtag stuffing and misuse: Bad for you!

Hashtag (#) is used in the web world for labeling an expression as important and for associating with a social media trend. Twitter gave this little character an important place in social interactions, and it soon became sort of generic across the social media.  Twitter remains the biggest user of hashtags. It uses hashtags for curating all tweets associated with a hashtag and also estimating number of tweets being published on a topic over a period of time.   More characters, more hashtag abuse Hashtag, especially on Twitter, is very useful in gathering support for a cause or against a social or political happening (#SaveGirlChild, #GunControlNow), showing one's approval or disapproval for some action by a leader/ political party or supporting someone in a big way (#ModiFor2019,  #PutinsPuppets), public commenting on excellent or disastrous performance by a player, singer, performer (#Barcelona), tagging all information relating to an event (#hurricaneIrma) or just asso