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Best Hindi blogs in 2022

 We have updated the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, 11th edition. It has been our tradition for the last 11 years to release a new edition of the listing of top Hindi blogs in August-September and update it again in January-February.  The updated listing of best Hindi blogs has Hindi blogs that shine in terms of blogging endeavour, content and regularity. Some blogs have design issues but we have usually ignored them, or given advice to bloggers to improve their designs at least to the extent that the blog is readable and does not look childish. In the present updation, the Directory has lost 10 blogs mainly due to irregular postings, while it has added 6 new blogs. It now has 103 blogs. Best of luck to the new bloggers whose blogs have been included in the Directory now, and of course to those who maintain their presence in the Directory year after year. 

What to do when link building goes wrong

Most websites use a whole array of tactics to boost their SEO. Regardless of what business you're in, you need to make your site visible to search engines and users alike. A standard search engine marketing tactic is building a strong, interconnected network of links between multiple pages and websites. Google makes those kinds of pages more visible in search results. However, keep in mind that Google is also notorious for punishing bad behavior . A common infraction that will land you some negative search engine karma is linking to bad or spammy pages. We will take a closer look at what to do when link building goes wrong, as well as what you can do to get back in Google's good graces . What is negative SEO? First, let's be clear on what we mean by negative karma. As we have already mentioned, SEO heavily relies on link building. Search engines reward websites that follow specific criteria by giving them a higher rank when results are delivered to users. Contrary to that,