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Independent domain name and good website host are needed for any website's growth. That includes migration of existing blog...

This post is part of a series on web hosting and domain names . We keep updating these posts. This posts tries to practically show how website owners (especially bloggers on free platforms) can benefit from professional website hosting. The term 'website' includes all types of sites including blogs. Should I have an independent identity or place my blog on a separate web host or both? We’ll settle the hosting issue first. Blogger and Wordpress – also supported by third-party themes, plugins and widgets - provide enough design and hosting functionalities on blogs hosted on their servers. So, we will advise you to keep hosting your blog on their servers, unless you want to do one or more of these on your blog: maintain the blog on a long term and build a brand around it; promote yourself as a budding or established celebrity or expert; sell products or services through it; give it a very customized look and want to keep changing it; add a lot of matter that w

A good website host can do wonders to your blog!

How website domain names and hosts work In a previous post, we discussed website domain names . OK, all websites need to have a domain name [web address] so that people can find them. But where does the domain sit and how a visitor gets to browse it? What are the ways to make it secure and big and prominent? That takes us to website hosting (or simply web hosting), which is the topic of this post. This series of posts are regularly updated. In these posts, we use the term 'website' to include all types of sites including blogs. Who hosts my blog Google Inc., the owner of the Blogger platform, has placed your blog ‘’ on their servers. Similarly, is hosted on Wordpress servers. Google does not charge anything from me. If I create a blog and ask Google to host it, will it host it free? There are web hosting companies [e.g. ] that will host your blog / website but charge you for that. How is

Give your website / blog an independent domain name

This post is part of a series on web hosting and related matters. We keep updating these posts. This posts deals exclusively with website domain names. The term 'website' includes all types of sites including blogs. How to create a website? How do I maintain a self-hosted blog? How can I have a blog with a name independent of suffixes like ? Can I change my existing website? I am stuck with a blog on a free platform, what do I do? We keep encountering such questions. Hope, at the end of this series, you will have answers to all such questions. What is a domain name? The domain name is the name by which a website is known. It is the website's address on the vast network called the World Wide Web or the web . The domain name of ITB website is . As we all have unique addresses of our homes and offices, all websites have a unique domain name. My blog is on Blogger and has domain name Am I right? xyz is a s