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Announcing the 2014-15 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

The 2014-15 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs is out.  This is the fifth edition. It has 342 307 blogs, arranged according to the operative part of the blog's URL. (The number has gone down as a number of blogs have been removed and a lesser number of new ones have joined in mid-year updation in December 2015.) We'll arrange these blogs into various categories. The category-wise blog list will come out later.  You can visit the Directory at the following link: At the link given ahead, you can visit  all posts relating to compilation of the 2014-15 edition of the Directory .  ---------------------- For the bloggers whose blogs are listed in the blog directory: You may consider putting the badge as seen above on their blog. This is purely voluntary. For putting the badge on your blog, copy the html code given in blue text below and paste it somewhere in a post (to be opened for editing in html view) or in an html gadget/ widge

@Modi, #Modi and #纳伦德拉莫迪#

Narendra Modi is one of the most social media savvy political leaders in the world, no doubt. And if we thought he would continue with that, we were proved wrong; he is doing it better and in more innovative ways! Before his China visit, Modi opened an account with the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and the account now has got over 31 million hits. Fond of taking selfies in iconic places and with people as well as world leaders, Modi took a selfie with Chinese premier Li. Western media is hailing it as one of the most power-packed selfie. The power-packed selfie But Modi and controversies go together. A great orator in Hindi, he addresses Indian diaspora whenever he goes abroad. He is able to immediately create an emotional bond with them, with his anecdotes and all. When talking of his achievements, he does not spare his opponents home. This time, when he addressed Indian-origin people in Seoul, he said, there was a time when Indians felt they’d committed a sin in their p

Put infographics easily on your blog

What is an infograhpic? In simple terms, an infographic is presentation of information in image form. Making infographics is as easy as drag and drop, on Canva, etc Infographics are seen on blogs, social networks, product sites, presentations, research journals, almost everywhere.  Infographics come handy in presenting data in visual form.  They can visualize data in many forms, the common ones being: graphs / time series / data on maps / tree-maps / networks / flowcharts / simple graphic-text visualisations. But, if not created intelligently, they can look childish and will not serve the purpose of making the information easily understood. In this post, we’d briefly talk about the importance of infographics in blogs, and then how to make professional-looking infographics. Why infographics on blogs? Infographics break monotony of text content. As with other visual elements, infographics give relief to eyes. They draw instant attention to facts. Without an accompa

11 reasons AdSense on the blog does not pay well, and what to do?

Updated in November 2020   AdSense is one of the easiest web advertisement systems available to all website owners including bloggers, and it pays handsomely when bloggers take the right steps. Easiest because putting ads on the blog using AdSense is easy and one does not have to take any repetitive actions later.  However, in a majority of cases, the payment is not enough. In a study, it was found that 98% blogs in the US, which are monetized, hardly earn from blogging! Bloggers end up blaming AdSense for that while the reason could be the way the blog is presented and maintained. You as a blogger should worry if you created a blog with passion and have maintained it with zeal for over a year, the blog is popular, you get comments too but you do not earn even a dollar a week from the blog by using AdSense. There could be issues relating to niche and location, or content or placement of ads or even AdSense settings. Is the blog in the right niche/ subject? The first thin

Bouncing traffic on blog: one big cause- blogger cannot be contacted

A blogger friend created a great blog template, added great content, made links to and fro, put AdSense advertisements in the sidebar, linked the blog to her Facebook account and waited for people to flock her blog and businesses to flood her with offers.  One year past, she had about a hundred posts, a hundred comments, a few thousand visitors but no business proposal. As it was a beauty blog, she'd expected at least a few inquiries from beauty product sellers. After about a year, she asked ITB for a quick review and also asked this straight question: 'Why am I not getting business inquiries'.  After about three weeks of our review came her reply. She is blessed with good writing skills and her reply says it all; so, instead of explaining why you must have your email ID on the blog, we reproduce her reply: My God! I did not realize so long that there was no way visitors could share something privately with me. They could not ask for advice or my personal take