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Hindi online magazines, web magazines, aggregators हिंदी में ऑनलाइन पत्रिकाऐं, वेब मैगजीन और समूहक

This page is maintained as an archive. For the latest list of Hindi magazines online, web magazines and aggregators , please visit the linked page. यह पोस्ट पुरानी जानकारी को सँजोने के उद्देश्य से हटाया नहीं गया है। हिन्दी में  ऑनलाइन  पत्रिकाओं, वेब मैगजीन और समूहक की अद्यतन लिस्ट ऊपर दिए लिंक पर देख सकते हैं।   The Indian blogging scene is seeing a more marked change as compared to its English counterpart. To a great extent, this is due to these characteristics of Hindi blogging: 1. English blogging had much more time to grow and mature before it was marginalized by social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Starting in 1994, English blogging reached its pinnacle sometime in 2005-8 and then its pre-eminence went down. Hindi blogging started much later but Hindi users adopted social networking almost simultaneously with English users. 2. English users have adopted professional blogging on a large scale. Hindi bloggers have remained personal bloggers. Those who wante