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Best beauty and fashion blogs in India

We bring you the list of top beauty and fashion blogs in India. Part of this list comes from the latest edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs and part from new discoveries by us and includes blogs that are outstanding and yet cannot be included in that directory. In India, even in the heydays of blogging, there were not many bloggers writing on beauty and fashion. However, in the last few years, a large number of good fashion bloggers have emerged. Some of them are reported to be earning good money too. This list contains the best among Indian beauty and fashion blogs (of course, we might have missed a few despite our best efforts to find good Indian blogs in these niches). The blogs listed here focus on beauty and/or fashion. Many blogs have come up in recent years, which deal with lifestyle topics beyond beauty and fashion. You can see such blogs in another listing: Top Indian lifestyle blogs . List of top Indian beauty and fashion blogs bbeautilicious - Be Beautili