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Free dictionary and thesaurus app online and offline for content creators, bloggers

There are many dictionaries available free on the web. Some are available online and some can be installed on  the  computer and can be used offline . Of course, word processing programs come loaded with a dictionary. For example, Microsoft Office has an in-built dictionary which you can access by right-clicking on a word in Word, Power Point, etc. New versions of MS Office are quite intuitive when it comes to suggesting corrections. MS Word also supplies a list of synonyms through right click.  But, for writers and serious bloggers, nothing beats a professional thesaurus* that is available to them at all times. That's what prompted us to introduce such a tool, Wordweb , to you. It is a free dictionary app - with great thesaurus inbuilt. You can download Wordweb from its site free of cost. Once installed, it sits quietly on your system tray and can be called from a document by clicking control+right click ! If calling another app from a document feels like a bother, you can

How to get your website on Google first page without special SEO tools, techniques?

All website owners and bloggers are keen to take their websites to the top of Google search results. However, only about 10 out of millions of webpages can appear in the top search result page (SERP). It is found that searchers usually don't go beyond the first few search results. SEO experts (only a few of them may be genuine) confuse new bloggers and website owners with SEO terms like analytics, keyword research, deep SEO, search intent, algorithm and Core Web Vitals to fill them with awe. It is mostly deliberate. As if that was not sufficient, blogging and SEO experts often talk of tools and utilities such as Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, and SEO plugins. Some advice on SEO techniques and tools could be well-meaning, but much of that is hype. How much SEO is really needed to get your website to the top of Google search pages? Let me tell you the reality in short. Some search engine optimization is needed but not as much the SEO experts tell you. You can optimize your site w

Recordcast - a simple free screen recorder and video editor

On TopBlogs, we sometimes review software and tools that we find useful for common users (not full-time professionals). All the tools reviewed by us are free or freemium tools. In this edition, we introduce a free online tool for screen recording and video editing: Recordcast . What we like about Recordcast is its simplicity: it is intuitive for most of its functions. If you have used any basic software relating to image viewing, audio/ video playing and experimented with their hidden features, you will find Recordcast very simple to use.  In addition, being web-based, the software is available to you all the time, and anywhere if internet is available.  At the same time, the software comes with video editing facility, with some useful frills. So, if you need to regularly record your screen for making tutorials, video presentations, etc and do some minor but repetitive video editing (e.g. removing an unwanted scene from a video or joining videos or adding audio) you will find this sof