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Releasing the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2020 edition

The 10th edition of the Directory of Best Indian [English] Blogs has been released today, the 30th of May, 2020. The Directory has about 250 Indian English blogs that excel in content quality, regularity and overall blog resources, and meet a minimum design standard. They also show the blogger's commitment to blogging. We do not claim that there are no other blogs that are not equal to or better than the 'top Indian blogs' listed here, in terms of the main parameters given above. We do miss blogs because we do not come across them despite surfing the blogosphere again and again in search of good blogs. We get hundreds of submissions but many of them are from new bloggers and we feel shy of including very new blogs in the list because our experience shows that most bloggers start ignoring their blogs after an initial phase. Sometimes the bloggers make it very difficult to judge the regularity of blogging (no archive, no time stamp on posts, posts not in chronological ord

Submit guest post to Top Blogs

Updated: January 2022 After rejecting most guest posts only because the creators submit posts without doing homework, we are still open to accepting guest posts. However, please note that we are constrained to decline or reject guest posts if we find them to be of the following nature: routine offer that seems to have been sent to dozens of others generic post that looks copy-pasted or with no deep knowledge or experience of the subject irrelevant post post with inappropriate content post forcing us to accept links that are not too relevant and are obviously commercial We had to remove two posts that we had put on Top Blogs after careful editing and value addition: one was forcing us to insert certain links, and the other had published a similar post on another website (we discovered that later). After that, we have become even more circumspect when we receive stock queries for guest posting.  The present post will help in clarifying what we expect on guest posts. Why a guest post on