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Types of web hosting and how to choose a web host that is best for your website?

You start a blog and put hard work on blogging. Soon you find that you need more web resources - space, bandwidth, security - and you look for a web host better than the one you have. This happens often when the blogger buys a free or cheap web hosting plan and the blog grows faster than the blogger's expectations. Not much is lost if you face this issue. Most web hosts these days are glad to upgrade the hosting plan for a fee, especially for cloud-based hosting plans. Yet, it is better to try projecting the blog's requirements for at least 2-3 years. Choosing the web hosting plan that is best for your website or blog Consider various factors that are relevant for your website/ blog, and then pick the web host that suits your needs. I discuss below some key points that many bloggers miss while looking at the numbers flaunted by web hosting companies to lure customers. Note that most big web hosting companies have many plans, starting from cheap to very expensive ones, and their

Blogger and Wordpress remain the best free blogging platforms

Of the hundreds of free and paid blogging sites available today, half a dozen are popular. Among them, Blogger and Wordpress remain the best platforms because they have so many features. But both do not suit everybody. This article answers all questions relating to their strengths and weaknesses and helps you to choose the right blogging platform for your needs. BLOGGER VS WORDPRESS:  WHICH IS BETTER? This question has been asked thousands of times and answered as many times. Yet, unless you look closely at their special features and also weaknesses, you do not get the right answer. In fact, there is no right answer because some find Wordpress better and some, Blogger. I will show these features and weaknesses to you so that you can decide which one is better for you . Wordpress is the daddy of website/ blog creation: more than 30 percent of the world wide web is supposed to consist of websites and blogs created using this great software, and it is totally free. Mind it, In the above

Make a product review blog and make money from it

Are you a blogger wanting to create a product review blog? Do you want to review products and get paid for that? What are the best avenues for earning from a review blog? You opened a blog recently but don't know how to to review products? You want to know how best to approach sellers? What are the best practices for reviews on blogs?blogs?  Let us answer these questions one by one. Before that, some advice for bloggers who have only recently created their blog: What is product review? What is a 'GOOD product review'? Product reviews are nothing but articles in which you discuss the special features of products (or services) produced and offered by others. The products can be daily-use items, books, music DVD, a spare part, big merchandise, a course for competitive examinations or an online service. Anything that people sell and buy.  A good review is one that is honest about good as well as bad features of the product. Honest reviews are liked and shared by visito

What is web hosting and domain? Explained in simple terms.

Let us first talk about web hosting , then we will go to domain name : What is web hosting and how it works When you open a blog or website, it remains on your laptop or smart phone till you place it on some special computer [called web host server] where it is available all the time. When someone types your website or blog's address on his internet browser, the browser sends a message to that server. The server sends data from the website, which is then displayed on the internet browser of the user. This is how websites are made available to visitors. This is how search engines look for results. This is how links on websites work. So, it is very basic that your website or blog is 'hosted' somewhere on the world wide web. There are big internet companies that do this job of web hosting for you either free or on payment. As you would guess, you get better services when you pay. From bloggers' point of view, web hosting is of great importance. If you open a free blog

Search Engine Optimization techniques that give results

Before I come to the most effective 5 SEO techniques, just a brief introduction to SEO or search engine optimization from practical viewpoint. What is SEO and how it works in practice? SEO sums up all actions taken to get a website a higher placement on search pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. It is, in fact, the individual web page needs to be optimized for search, not the entire website. A web page will come high on research results only when (i) the webpage is indexed by search engines, and (ii) the web page answers search queries. The secret of effective SEO is hidden in the above sentence. Many hard-working bloggers and website owners fail in SEO because they ignore one of the two. A web page will get indexed if it has high-quality content. The index maintained by search engines is huge, with millions of web pages. Indexing is also not a black-and-white affair. Each web page is assigned a rank based on hundreds of parameters (which search engines seldom