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How blogging scores over social networking

Blogs show passion while social networks boost their own revenue! Did it ever come to your mind that blogs are much more independent than your accounts / pages on Facebook and Twitter? Read on... When you post something on your blog, it is there till you take it down or hide it. If a good number of people comment on it and share it on their blogs / sites, that post is also likely to come high on search pages when people search that type of content on Google etc. On the other hand, social network sites play with the content and upgrade or downgrade it based on its commercial value. For example, on your Facebook newsfeed, you will find that all your friends' streams are not shown. On the other hand, you might find an advertisement as if you had followed that and wanted it to show up on the newsfeed. The new technology allows the big daddies of social media to push their advertisements based on what you searched or browsed recently.  And you can put on your blog  all

Great features of Blogger blogging platform

If you have come here to know the latest features of blogging platform 'Blogger ', please go to the latest post linked here.  We are not removing the present post as it reminds of the features that Blogger used to have in 2014.   Long ago, I ran a series on the less known but useful features of Blogger, one of the most popular blogging platforms. In the meantime, Blogger has changed a lot. I find that many blogger friends on this platform have not explored all the features of this excellent blogging platform or have not kept pace with its upgrades. So this post. Before focusing on some superb features, two things: One, do not blindly apply all types of features only because they look fancy. Use them after analysing their value to your blog and ensuring that these won't hurt your blog's design, navigation, readability and reputation. For example, fancy fonts do not go well with a serious blog. Two, before coming to special features (which I'd discuss in subseq