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All you wanted to know about starting a video blog

On the web you will find a number of tutorials on how to create a video blog. They require you to have a good camcorder or at least a smartphone with fine quality camera, to know editing on video- editing software, to learn basics of lighting, white balance, night videography etc etc so that your videos look good. Unless you are a professional videographer wanting to have a video blog as part of website, are you prepared f or that much effort / time / learning?  If yes, we have tips for you here. If you find that too much and still want to make all the gains from a video blog, even more a reason to read on... Why to have a video blog? You really do not need a video blog in traditional form of blogging. Isn't it easier to tell your story or share your ideas with jus t text and an occasional p hot o?  Then, if you do start a video blog, do y ou have a chance to stand anywhere near professional videographers in terms of video quality ? D o you stand a chance in th