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How to choose the right font and text style for yout website or blog

Updated: August 2017 Answer these 5 straight questions to see whether your website or blog has the right type of text or you need to take some corrective action. 1. Is your website/ blog for reading or viewing?  If mainly for reading, does it read well? Blogs and other websites either have a lot of text or images/ videos/ podcasts. If there is a lot of text to read, any flaw that makes reading difficult hurts the website. For such types of websites, take care that- the text size is big enough (but not too big); the text is in dark color on a white or light background (or the reverse);  the font is with rounded edges, such as Verdana or Helvetica or Georgia (not like Times New Roman); the text is normally typed, not italicised , not in ALL CAPS; there is no distraction from an underlying image background 2. Does your website have large passages of text? If yes, does it flow well? If the site has a lot to read, take care that- the reading column is wide enough so